4.5 5 0 117 117 AXE Excite Body Wash for men features a woody fragrance with a blend of coconut, hazelnut, and caramel scents. The rich lather and invigorating fragrance take your shower to the next level. To stay confident all day long, you can combine AXE Excite Body Wash with other AXE Excite products, including daily fragrance, deodorant stick or antiperspirant stick.
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Hubby's favorite
My husband loves using it and I love the way it smells.
Feel and smell soooo good!
I have used the full line of AXE products since it was available on shelves. I enjoy the way it makes your skin feel and leaves you smelling fresh! I will and have recommended this to many people through out the years! Great job Unilever!
Love this one!
I love when hubby uses this axe!! He smells so good when he comes out and the scent actually lasts!
Smell good
Makes my man smell amazeing when he gets out of the shower.
My favorite body wash!
This is my all time favorite body wash. The scent is so unique and it's really just incredible. I've been using it for years & I always seem to go back to it.
Hubby Loves It
Axe Shower Gel Ok I was surprised when I got home today to see that I received my Axe Shower Body Gel. I was excited thinking to myself that tonight I'm going to shower with the new gel and feel clean and rejuvenated. Needless to say I went up to change and snuck a smell in of the Shower Gel. It smells real nice but I'm not sure it's for me yet. It's isn't overpowering but smell feminine to me but I know it's made for guys. Well before bed I showered and I will say I felt refreshed and smelling nice but to me it smells a little fruity or flowery so I'm thinking the woman may like this more. Make sure you take a whiff before buying the 16oz bottle because this stuff will last you a very long time. It's really concentrated and lathers well, so it's economical.
Love the smell
My husband uses this and I am so glad he does lol. It smells so good.
Great bodywash
This body wash is great. It cleans my skin perfectly and it smell great. I highly recommend it.
I used to buy it for my husband and myself
Axe would be the first brand that comes to my mind if I hear "men's shower gel". I used to buy it for my husband and just used it myself as well, because I liked the smell. This exact variant (Excite) and many others smell great as shower gels and deodorants. It is pricey though and at some point we had to stick with something else..
Nos encanto como es de fresco este producto, por otro lado aunque esta marca tiene fragancias mas frescas esta no es mala y si eres de gustos frescos pero no tanto esta perfecta, decidi las 4 estrellas por eso ya que a mi me encantan las fragancias de que huele a limpio y fresco
Axe products are exciting and fresh and my wife enjoys the smell as much as I do. Unlike many shower gels this one wakes you up and invigorates your senses.
i bought this for my husband and my son and they loved it and asked me to buy it again and i love the way they smell after getting out of the shower with this one i told them i think this one is one of my top from axe because they always use axe
My husband use somebody wash every day too keep his body nice clean and very soft
I buy axe products for all the guys in my house including shampoo deodorant and body spray, we like the different scents. I use the axe for females for myself

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