4.6 5 0 121 121 AXE Excite Body Wash for men features a woody fragrance with a blend of coconut, hazelnut, and caramel scents. The rich lather and invigorating fragrance take your shower to the next level. To stay confident all day long, you can combine AXE Excite Body Wash with other AXE Excite products, including daily fragrance, deodorant stick or antiperspirant stick.
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My family uses Axe products and this would be something that iam sure they would love to try
Will like to try it so I can feel good for the woman but I will give it a try out
Would love to try this for my husband he loves axe and the faboulous smells is amazing
I'd like to try this product for my husband, I know i'd love it on him, a revitalizing shower gel to wake him up and my sinus.
I would love to try this. I have used AXE products before, and I love using body washes.
No lo e.pronado pero me gustaria tratar cosas nuevas
My husband loves Axe products, please allow him to test this product for you.
I would love for my husband to try this he loves the out doors.
Este producto es de uso masculino y deja tu piel al usarlo muy suave y con una agradable fragancia a madera. Es muy bueno, espumoso y efectivo.
My son & I love this scent of Axe in the body spray & deodorant. We would 1love to try out the Shower Gel!
I have used Axe products in the past and generally have a high opinion of them. I would like to try this product.
I love all axe products I would love to try this great product
My son loves all axe products including the sprays. He would love to try this one out. He has not heard of this one.
I would love this for my boyfriend he loves anything axe

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