Baby Dove Hand and Face Sensitive Moisture Wipes

4.7 5 0 258 258 Fragrance-free and alcohol free for sensitive skin
Baby Dove Hand and Face Sensitive Moisture Wipes


I love to use Dove baby wipes on my baby to wipe her face after eating or wipe her face to feel fresh, wipe hands after playing with toys. They are really great for on the go. Not scented. Gentle on babys skin
My to go wipes
I prefer these wipes than the huggies sensitive these ones are my to go wipes is fits better in my baby bag and they clean really good I don’t have to use a lot
Love these for new baby skin!
I love this for my new grandbaby! Perfect for her sensitive skin. A must have!!!
Simple and Clean
Love that these are high quality while still environmentally responsible. As a mother I am always looking for the best products to put on my baby’s skin, to protect him from harsh chemicals that could hurt him. These surely fit into that category with its plant based formula and I will continue to purchase them! They are great for his sensitive skin and have not caused any irritation, unlike other wipes brands. I've been using them for a few weeks and these haven't given my baby any rashes so far. I have used a couple other brands as well and these are the best considering the moisture content and thickness. These are very wet which makes cleaning up really easy. The thickness of the wipes is pretty good that helps it to hold good moisture content. I use this for cleaning up spills, wiping juice, food, toothpaste stains off clothes etc. This is one luxury that has become a necessity I wouldn't do without.
Dove baby
I love anything dove baby it’s always so gentle on my babies skin
Love this wipe
This wipe smell good love this and is soft recommend 100% smell good
Love Dove wipes!
These wipes were very gentle on my grandson and worked wonders to clean both his bottom and his hands or face after eating. He has sensitive skin and had no negative reaction to these wipes. I highly recommend these for all babies and even as a gentle face wipe in a pinch.
very good
These wipes are amazing The fragrance is just about right Leaves my skin refreshed and breathing Highly recommend! 👍 It removed the makeup well without becoming dry faster.
Great for kids
These are great to have on hand for the kids. Quick and easy way to clean up after a messy meal or playtime. Handy to keep at home or in the car. Gentle and safe for sensitive skin as well
so soft on my skin
I absolutely loves these makes my skin so soft and smooth. highly recommended.
Great wipes
These are soft and gentle on the skin. Great for little kids to adults. I would highly recommend these.
Good not great
Still haven’t found that great eczema product 😩 I thought these would be easy and gentle but I’ve all they are both of those things, they don’t combat any kind of eczema and that’s the product that I need desperately
Great for Baby!
This is a great product for baby's sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin myself so I am always cautious with what I apply to my one-year daughter's skin. We have used these wipes on many occasions with no issues.
Perfect for sensitive skin
I absolutely love these wipes! My son has very sensitive skin and is allergic to most other wipes but these are great. Not only are they thick enough for wipe off baths, they're gentle enough to use every day - even on sensitive little faces. My son's allergies flare up all the time and his little nose gets so raw trying to use facial tissue like Kleenex so I started using these to wipe his nose and they don't even make his little nosey rosey!! lol
Nearly perfect
I love, love, love these. They are thick and sturdy. They clean well but don't upset my sensitive skin. I keep one in each of my glove compartments. I have one in the guest bathroom, one by my bed, one in our luggage, one in our bathroom, another in my hubby's gym bag. I take these to the movies for the popcorn hands. I take it one on a picnic to wash up before and after eating. It is a camping must. So where does the almost come in? Price. I wince everytime I buy one.

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