4.6 5 0 80 80 Protects for hours. No tearing or stinging. Waterproof.
Banana Boat Kids Lotion Tear Free SPF 50
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Happy Child, Happy Mom
I love this product. I have used it on my daughter since she was two years old. We spend a lot of our free time outside so I always keep a bottle in my purse or backpack and of course at home. Great quality product along with great price.
Banana boat
I love useing banana boat sunscreen it works amazing for baby's and adults it's spf50 it rubs in very well and is water resistant so it doesn't come.e of that easy and also smells amazing
This stuff is the best. I've never used sunscreen that protects so well, and more importantly stays on your skin so well. This is great for kids and adults. Highly recommend to anyone.
It protects my skin well, however it is thick and I don't like the greasy feeling it leaves on my skin.
I just love the smell of bannana boat spf it applies smooth and its water resistant. Very useful to take on the go and apply so easy. Its also water resistant and it dont burn the kids eyes
We love banana boat products! I personally feel that the lotion is better than the spray.
I use this regularly for my kids and myself. I love that it doesn't burn their eyes and it stays on pretty well to prevent sunburn. The smell is also pleasant and mild.
I use this product not only for my kids but for myself as well (as I have pretty sensitive skin.) This product is fragrance free, which is also awesome for me, because fragrances overall are bad for the skin. There's no unnecessary alcohols added either. It's not greasy at all ( it doesn't really have anything moisturizing in it, so it may be best to stick to your normal moisturizing routine when using this). I use this on my body as well face since I'm having a hard time finding something just for the face with a high SPF and no alcohols added nor fragrances. I personally don't see a white cast when I wear it, but I'm pretty pale sooo. I will definitely repurchase. Especially if you have sensitive skin I would give this a go.
Love this sun screen. The tear free option is fantastic.
I've always used banana boat sunscreen on my kids. I do like the spray better, it's quick and easy to apply and no mess.
What a great product! I always have some banana boat around. We live in Florida so we are always in the sun. Even when not at the beach it's a must have on when outside playing. It goes on easy, no need to reapply over and over. Definitely a must have!
Works great on my son who is very fair skinned. Have protected him from getting burned. Great product.
extremely effective stays on well, and it doesn't contain any potentially toxic chemicals so far as I know. It does give the skin a whitish cast, which increases when you sweat. This is probably why they market it for kids rather than for grown-ups. I'm beyond caring what people think, so I use it anyway, but mostly for my head where I'm concerned about sunscreen getting in my eyes. (NoAd is fine -- and cheaper -- for the rest of the body.) It doesn't go on as slickly as some others, because it's thick and sticky, so it's a bit more effort to apply -- and to wash off afterward.
I love Banana Boat sunscreen. It lasts for hours and is easy to apply. Having it "tear free" is just another bonus!
We have been using Banana Boat Kids products in our house for many years. My oldest kids never liked having to stop to reapply sunblock especially when they were at the beach. This product helped me keep all of us happy! Didn't need to reapply often as it really lasted (especially in the water).

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