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Great product
Love how this covers my skin. Not to thick and oily. Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Will not use any other brand
Worked great for my granddaughter
Used this for my 8 month old grand daughter. No burn and light weight putting on.
Sun Stoper
This Sun Screen works Very Good .It Is A Real good Product .I used it on my Face An I was in the Gulf Fishing Without any Sun Burn on my Face . I Would you recommend this?
Worked well
This product worked well. Used it on vacation. No one ended up with a Sun burn.
How sublovk helps you get a little dun in your life
I thought this product worked really well i didnt get a sunburn while wearing it and its light cream texture did not weigh down down my skin
It worked well for my and my nephew so we didn’t get sunburnt in the pool.
not the best
I tried this product and found it worked, but not great. I didn't exactly burn, I just felt slightly burned. I'm extremely pale and have sensitive skin, so maybe I'm an unfair test. I just wasn't happy with it.
Best sunscreen
Banana boat has been a favorite of mine for year's. I love this sensitive skin one for my daughter who has very sensitive skin. Most sunscreen seems to irritate her. This doesn't at all, it's gentle yet offers great protection.
Beat one yet!
I’ve tried so many different sunscreen lotions and always felt sticky or it would run into my eyes when put on my face. With this one I was protected, I felt moisturized but not sticky and it didn’t have a bad smell like others usually do. I would recommend 100%
Gentle and Effective
Nice feel to this non-greasy sunscreen and a handy tube that is easy to use.
Good sunscreen!
This was an awesome sunscreen! It was gentle with my sensitive skin and did not have a strong smell like most! I would definitely buy this again!
Perfect for baby’s skin
I’ve tired other products similar but they irritated my son’s skin. This product is perfect and has chemical no smells and applies smooth to skin.
No chemical smell
I used this and it was wonderful. It’s not thick and does not smell bad. Highly recommendable
I loved this product! The smell is not like chemicals, and it glides on and stays in my skin well. I do not get burnt as long as I follow the directions and reapply after a few hours or if I been in the pool. I have very sensitive skin and I am always searching for a good sunscreen. This is the one for those with sensitive skin because it caused no irritation!
Such a good product.. Good for my kids.. love the protection it gave my kids and smells wonderful great on delicate skin!!!

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