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Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion
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Love it
Non greasy 50 spf & doesnt wash off in the water. Does it get any better than this. I li e the fact that it's not greasy and I font think they could have done anything to make it better.
Very impressed
This sunscreen from Banana Boat is FANTASTIC! I am so impressed. We have tested it out a few times now on the whole family on long, wet, and sweaty summer days and it holds up really well! My oldest son is fair skinned and burns really easy but I am happy to report that, with a few re-applications of course, he has been sunburn free with this product. I also like the formula of this product as well. It's easy to apply and runs in nicely. It also smells really nice unlike some other brands. I will definitely be repurchasing this product again and again.
My new favorite
I have super sensitive skin so I have to be careful what I put on. Sunscreen is one of those must haves but can cause problems for some of us! Most sunscreen will break me out, and it tingles and burns my skin. Simply protect for sensitive skin does not burn or break me out! This Sunscreen works wonderfully, didn’t even have to re-apply it!!
Solar protector
Its not greasy. And it's excellent for kid's. And have a good smell. I don't like the fact that it's leaves a white color until it degrades
Great sunscreen
A brand I trust that has a more natural option for sunscreen. It’s great that even though it’s natural it doesn’t leave the skin with a white film. Rubs in pretty well and provides enough protection that I don’t have to worry about my children or myself when out in the sun.
No burned baby
We used this product when we went to the beach. It kept my baby from what would have been a horrible sunburn. my husband also uses this on his face while he is working. He works outside and this is the only one that keeps his face from being blistered. Thanks for a great product!
Banana boat
Its very good for sensitive skin Although I found the smell to be very very strong once I got past that it made my skin feel good not greasy and it did it's job again just to much of a perfume smell for me, the price was great it even had a coupon on it,I say try it if you have skin sensitivity and maybe smell it before you buy it maybe it's all in your own preference
love it
love the protection it gave my grandkids and smells wonderful great on delicate skin
My granddaughter has sensitive skin and has had a hard time with sunscreen. This one works great.
Life saver
My daughter has always struggled with sunscreen this saved us. Her skin was so sensitive. But this.... this ... protects her skin. And no rash after. Plus it smells great
Great for children
My daughter has very sensitive skin and the sun breaks her out even with sunscreen. After trying this brand no more sun rash. Very happy with this product
Banana Boat is Great as always
I have never disliked any Banana Boat product. But with four kids with varying skin sensitivities, some that change with age, I have been trying many sensitive skin products in recent years. This is one I have been quite happy with. It protected my kids from sunburn and didn’t feel thick and sticky. We spend a lot of time outside so sunscreen they don’t hate is a life saver.
The product did not leave a sticky residue and fully protected me from the sun (did not get sunburn). What I like most about this product is the protection and how it is for sensitive skin
Banana boat product
I like the protection from this products is the only one products I buy
Truly Sensitive
All 3 of my girls have very fair skin and are allergic to 90% of anything that touches them. With simply protect, that's exactly what they were, PROTECTED! Highly recommend to anyone who is concerned about sun damage or just to keep the burn out..

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