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Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion
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Love It!!
I had bought this product to try and use for my kids and I’m glad I did!! It doesn’t leave a greasy nasty feeling on the skin. It protected their skin very well. My 3 year old son has sensitive skin & Eczema. It didn’t make him have an allergic reaction to his skin, honestly I was surprised!! I would highly recommend this product!!
Amazing for sensitivity
My Son and Husband both have sensitive skin and it works. This product does what it says. Keeps the sun from burning skin and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Love this so much I bought two.
Great for sensitive skin!
I have very sensitive skin and I usually gets breakouts when using sunscreen. I tried this one and no breakouts! It didn’t leave me with a rash or itching after using it. My kids have the same issue and usually get a rash after using sunscreen and this one didn’t bother their skin at all!
Banana boat simply
Banana boat has always been a brand I used and trusted. I like the simply protection for my kids because there's no unnecessary chemicals in it. It last a long time and if you reapply after swimming there's no need to worry.
Love it
Used this on myself and my children. Let's just say we we're outside most of the day and didn't come home burnt.
El producto cumplió con la necesidad de cubrirnos del sol ☀️ mientras disfrutamos al aire libre. Posee larga duración.
Sunscreen review
I like this sunscreen because it dose not feel heavy at all it is very nice quality and it’s affordable and it works very good so definitely recommend this sunscreen if your looking for one.
Awesome for sensitive skin
A super effective sunscreen that absorbs easily and feels great on the skin. Not greasy or heavy at all. I use daily for my sunscreen all year round and it is the best I have tried
Very good!!
It was really good and useful for our day at the beach!! Helped us prevent sunburns and it didnt irritate my sons rash!!! Very grateful that i was introduced to the product and definitely will buy again
I am very impressed with this product my daughter has extremely dry sentivive skin and burns extremely quickly
Banana Boat Sunscreen
This product is exceptional for the upcoming warm weather days. Great scent, long lasting and the price is so reasonable.
best for price
this is the best product for the price I can find, great smell
Works amazingly on sun sensitive people
I tried this product as I break out in a rash in the sun every time. And lose pigment in my skin. This seemed to make this way less Worse than normal and I was SO HAPPY!!!
Prevent us from sun burn my family use alot sun block cuz we have red hair sensitive to sun
Great Sunblock
I purchased this sunblock because my 3 year old has very sensitive fair skin. So I was looking for a sunblock that wouldn't irritate his sensitive skin but of course provide the necessary sun protection. This definitely worked. His skin was not irritated and he stayed protected. I did reapply after swimming and then again after about 90 minutes. A day at the pool with no irritation and no sun issues made this product worth the slightly high price tag.

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