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Es de los mejores cubre bastante ya que mi piel es muy sensitiva y me encantan estos productos que me ayuden a mi piel
Great product and environmentally friendly
Excellent product! Perfect for face and body. Reef safe and great for water activities. Non-greasy, non-drying, and stays on all day. Wore it all day every day and stayed burn-free for an entire week of boating!
Works really well & doesn’t have that “slimy” feel!
Good sunscreen
It's cheap for the amount of product you get. It has high spf, contains zinc oxide, and not greasy compared to some other sunscreens I have used. Also, it's water resistant. I am stocking up on this.
Banana Boat
An excellent product for children. Does not burn eyes and seems to last a long time, even in water.
It goes on smoothly, works great against the sun and doesn’t cause rash in my skin. Great product!
Awesome sunscreen, I love it.
Would highly recommend this sunscreen. It was very easy to use and stayed on very well.
Banana Boat products a very good in general. I like this simply protect because it is light and does not bother my skin.
Banana boat
I love this product, it smells great and works even better.
A quality sunscreen for sensitive skin
This is an amazing sunscreen if you have sensitive skin like I do. It didn’t burn like other sunscreens usually do me and it didn’t leave a chalky residue on my skin. It’s gebtle enough to use on my face and on my children’s faces. Even when wet, the sunscreen lasts.
soft on skin
I like this one because it has SPF 50 and simply feels good on our skin. It's less 'strong' as it is intended for sensitive skin so it should suit more people fine. I wish the SPF level is higher.
Sensitivity approved
I have tried this product because I am super sensitive and can barely use other sunscreens. I dont break out with this sunscreen. It is definitely Sensitivity friendly.
This stuff works
Coming from a sensitive skin gal, this stuff really works. A little to much for me actually Haha stayed the same color all day!
Good SPF
I like the Banana Boat simply protect sunscreen. Light scent and lightweight. Sometimes I have to reapply throughout the day. I'd recommend to anyone wanting to try.
Good for sensitive skin!
This sun screen is perfect for my skin that always breaks out

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