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Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion
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This stuff works
Coming from a sensitive skin gal, this stuff really works. A little to much for me actually Haha stayed the same color all day!
Good SPF
I like the Banana Boat simply protect sunscreen. Light scent and lightweight. Sometimes I have to reapply throughout the day. I'd recommend to anyone wanting to try.
Good for sensitive skin!
This sun screen is perfect for my skin that always breaks out
Simply protect
After reading all the scares about sunscreens lately (Oxybenzones), I bought this last Saturday. As a skin cancer survivor who MUST USE 24/7/365, I break out form everything. Great texture and doesn't make my face look ghostly.
Good product
Not to greasy and smells good. I have. Erg sensitive skin and I did not breakout from this product!
As usual with a Banana boat product you will get the best. Little more expensive but you pay for what you get. Works well in water. Very good for people and hildren that have sensitive skin.
great for sensitive skin
easy to apply not thick last long - good in the water
Great product
Works well. I have very sensitive skin. Both of my children were able to use it.
Typical Sunscreen
Banana boat sunscreens work generally well. You will have to reapply throughout the day depending on the activity. It seems to work well enough for the price.
Good Product Expensive
Oh it works very well protecting your skin against the sun. I make sure my whole family has it in before laying in the sun or going out without it. Always have extra tube of it
Banana boat sunscreen
This sunscreen is great especially with kids or babies with sensitive skin. This is the only brand I've ever used for my kids. It works very well in and out of water
Great product
Help my kids skin feels amazing soft and block the sun from burning them. Easy to take off and doesn't bother the skin unless your kid are allergic to the ingredients inside of it.
Sun Screen
We have alway used banana boat, it's a good protection from the sun rays.
Banana Boat Simply Protect
Our whole family is out in the sun all year round. We value sunscreens that do not have toxic ingredients and do not cause skin sensitivity issues. My toddler is prone to bouts of itchy skin after using sunscreen and this sunscreen seems to work without causing skin issues. It does not clog my fae pores and does not have a scent. I would order this again but would prefer it in a larger container size since we do use sunscreen so heavily.
I use this product on my 5 year old grandson. He was born with extreme sensitivity to anything put on his skin. This product doesn’t irritate his skin and gives ample protection.

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