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Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion
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Banana Boat Simply Protect
Our whole family is out in the sun all year round. We value sunscreens that do not have toxic ingredients and do not cause skin sensitivity issues. My toddler is prone to bouts of itchy skin after using sunscreen and this sunscreen seems to work without causing skin issues. It does not clog my fae pores and does not have a scent. I would order this again but would prefer it in a larger container size since we do use sunscreen so heavily.
I use this product on my 5 year old grandson. He was born with extreme sensitivity to anything put on his skin. This product doesn’t irritate his skin and gives ample protection.
Great Sunblock
I have sensitive skin and Banana Boat Sunblock for Sensitive skin I just what the Doctor ordered! It protects my skin from the sun’s damaging rays, yet doesn’t cause the rashes or itching I e experienced with other Sunblocks!
sunscreen for sensitive skin
I always use sunscreen on my face and lips because if i burn i have a new set of issues with fever blisters and this sunscreen doesn't disappoint and its a plus since its for sensitive skin the older I get the more sensitive somethings irritate me but this stuff is awesome
Re-apply after swimming
You have to re-apply especially if you go swimming. I have read reviews, it doesn't work for everyone, but I have no complains. I am not completely pale also, so that might be an advantage.
Liked it alot
Def a great product and perfect for sensitive skin.
It’s good
I did not give this five-star because although it did not break my skin I still got a sunburn But it did protect my sister so it works on some people but not on everyone
Overall terrific product. My skin is very sensitive and prone to break outs with creams ect. Not a blemish to be seen. Full coverage and does not leave your skin greasy. Nice light fragrance. Definitely easy to find in stores.
Awesime product.. reasonablely priced, easy to fine in stores.
Quisiera poder tener la oportunidad de poder probar este excelente producto
I want to try it...Maybe I like it ...I like I like
I am still waiting to receive this product to try.
I want to try this I wAnt to try this on my grsons
Muy bueno...me encantaria probarlo mucho y todos los productos de esta marca sin protection. Buenos para la piel, cara, cuerpo ,piernas. Lo recomiendo al cien por ciento. La calidad muy buena
would love to try it on the kids they play in the sun for 6-8 hours a day and want to protect their skin

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