4.3 5 0 24 24 Available in SPF 30 and SPF 50 as Lotions and Clear Sprays.
Banana Boat® Sport Performance® CoolZone™ Sunscreen
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Great SPF protection
Banana boat offers great summer SPF protection. This is my families favorite and preferred sunscreen when playing in the water and ocean. Highly recommend this product for your loved ones!
Love banana boat and love the sports performance cool zone sunscreen brand. I enjoy how smooth and soft it is on your skin and its so easy and refreshing to apply!
I love this sunscreen! It's the only one I will buy. Great price.
Took the grandkids camping this summer and the heat was in the high 90s and some days in the 100s. I used the 50 on them and it kept them from burning, even in and out of the water. They would relather often, but I would recommend this product to anyone,
I have used many of the Banana Boat sunscreens. The cool sport lotion is just as good as the others. It gives good protection and is easy and pleasant to use. It does not have a scent which is great. I really won't use anything with a strong smell and I hate when anyone near me puts it on. I highly recommend this lotion.
Banana Boat is the Performance that I can say works grate, I been using this all summer and love it. I swim everyday and have to say I would recommend this with out a doubt.
I have fair skin and had no issues with burning. The spray version that I used does not have a nasty, overwhelming odor that some other spray sunscreens do, and it doesn't leave my skin sticky. Highly recommended!
always love products from this company they got 50 proof sun block ...awesome
i would love to try this!! it has high spf which is very important!! and its cool!!
I am looking to start using sunscreen but with so many to choose from would love to try this one to help my decision
Love all the Banana Boat products. They are always coming up with something new. We are planning a trip to the beach this summer and I will check it out.
I have not tried this product but would love to we are on a football field in the sun 6 days a week this would help for me and the kids.
I would love to try this product. Banana Boat products thank
I would love to try this I live close to the beach in Fl & sunscreen is a necessity
I would love to try since I love all the other Banana Boat products and football season is coming up.

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