2.9 5 0 15 15 Adding to Barry M's Molten Metal Nail Paint collection are the NEW Holographic shades. In an array of shimmering, cosmic shades let Molten Metal give your nails show-stopping style and an instant luxe look. Each of the chrome effect shades have a mirror-shine foil finish that will glisten for days.
Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint Holographic 10ml
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Not special
Color was ok, the thing is it doesn't look like a quality prod. Not an expert, but got the feeling formula was cheap... Color was somewhat weak, and after a few hours it does chip.
Seca rapidísimo y su aroma no me afecta ya que soy sensible a los aromas fuertes
Love it!!!
Great product and beautiful color variety. The holographics are amazing.
Nail polish
Chipped so easily and wasn't fond of the color. Went on easy though and dried fast.
Chips easy
I have purchased this product and tried it a few times. I found that I had to put, at least, three coats and it still chipped. I even tried to put a top coat and found that it still chipped. The product is definitely not worth the price
Thanks so much
Very good product and very nice color perfect for my girl who is 14 years old.
Chipped right away
Not a fan of this nail color. The color isnt that nice and I had chips missing within hours. The polish is thin requiring several coats as well. Would not purchase.
Not my color :( chipped off too soon
It chipped of my nails and looked ugly. Moreover the shades were limited.
Not satisfied!
I love the colors but The paint is very thin and light.I had to apply many coatings.Even then on second day most nails had chips missing.
Not a fan
In my opinion I feel it’s bottom shelf nail polish. It’s ok for kids , however for me it’s I want something that is long lasting .
Good for a night ...maybe
Saw the reviews for this product and thought I am the type who likes to know for herself so I foolishly purchased it ...well fact is the color is amazing....buuuuuut the stay time is not with in 3 hrs I had chips and bumps out of my nails no thank you
This polish is very light and thin. You have to apply coatings. The color is a very ugly color
Looks cute 1st day
I used this and did 2 coats with a top coat. By the end of the first day most nails had chips missing. It'd be ok for a night out but it doesn't last long enough for much else.
Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint Holographic. This has great colors
love the colors
Great colors but chips easy.I really wish it did not. otherwise it would be amazing

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