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By far my fav
I love this product because my daughter has very fine blond hair. I use it so her hair bows will stay in and not slide out. It’s not that great for my very dark hair but I do use it on my other daughter who has a light brown hair color an it’s pretty good. Iv heard others say it leaves a residue in there hair. I feel this happens when u spray it too close to the scalp. I would recommend this product to ppl
It does the trick
I'm not overwhelmed by this product. It does the job. The smell is less than great and it does not do a particularly stellar job of making my hair look radiant or clean. But, like dry shampoo, it absorbs the grease and keeps the roots from looking dirty in between washes. I do wish that it added a little bit more, rather than making it look so bland. The smell is overpowering, which I do not care for. If you are not careful, you will quickly feel like you are suffocating from the fumes.
Good product
Love this product! I have a very oily scalp, within a day or two it's bad. I wash every three or so days, as doing more is not good for your hair. So using this in between shampoos is great, soaks the grease right up! They also have so many great scents!
I am pretty picky when it comes to dry shampoo and I have to say this is one amazing product that offers it all! It does a great job and giving you an extra day of not having to wash your hair if your in a hurry and doesn’t leave that white residue everywhere that’s hard to blend throughout your hair. Plus it smellls really great!
No more bad hair days!
I hate my bad hair days. With my kids I am so busy sometimes I can not even shampoo my hair. And there comes the Batista dry shampoo to save my day. I love this dry shampoo because always helps me through the day.
Great for Body & Lift
My hair never wants to hold a curl, my sister said try this I sprayed some on messed my hair up and curled it, it last all day I love this product it's great for body and lift 👍🏼
Skip a hair wash day okay..
This product is very good when you want to skip a hair wash day leaves hair soft looking clean bouncy and ready to go on your day. This product really works. If you haven't tried it you really shouldn't.
Don't have to mix fragances
I like that this dry shampoo does not destroy my perfume that I am wearing, and that I can get out of the door without having to shampoo my hair when I am in a hurry.
Batiste dry shampoo bare
I dont use dry shampoo all that often. I noticed this one left my hair kinda whiter than the others it was harder to brush out the white. The scent is ok but I like the stronger scented ones. So I use this one on my kids hair if they dont wash their hair in the morning before school.. mostly in the winter cause takes time to dry it. And I dont spray it on them like I would myself but it's good to just give them a fresh smell to their hair and it helps.
Middle of the road
Tried this brand after trying others and I felt that this brand didn’t make my hair less oily. I have a difficult type of hair though. I recommend others try this if you have normal hair and not oily hair. It seemed to have a bit of moisture to it.
I have tried a lot of dry shampoos this is the best one ever.
Life saver
I bought this before our trip to Kenya. It was great. On days when we were not able to shower this helped me feel fresh. I could spray in my hair and go. No more baby powder!
I was surprised how well it works!
I bought this simply because I was curious. Everyone seems to be using dry shampoo and I had never even tried it. So I gave it a shot and wow was I pleasantly surprised! Works great. It gave my hair a healthy looking boost and smells fresh. Love it!
In every diaper bag
A great product for new mums in a hurry, easy to use and quick to apply.
For real my hair isn't gray!
I've bought a few different scents of this brand and I've liked all of them. I have oily hair but I like to go a day or two between washes because my ends get dry. This stuff makes my hair white and I have to brush and brush and brush so that people don't think I have gray hair. Yes it does make my hair look not oily but I could dump a bunch of baby powder on my head and try to brush it a ton to get the same effect for a lot cheaper.

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