4.4 5 0 383 383 Batiste Dry Shampoo instantly makes your hair look clean and fresh with added body and texture.
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Dry shampoo
I really like this product, i find it works best if you spray it on before bed so it has time to soak up oils. The sent is light and amazing. Deffinitly a go to pdoduct if i know i have an early or busy morning ahead if me.
Great product
I was really skeptical about using this but was in a pinch for time and had no choice. I have really fine hair and was worried it might weigh it down. I was pleasantly surprised. After using this spray, my hair looked really clean and refreshed. Did not weigh down my hair. Great product!
Everything I need in a dry shampoo!
This dry shampoo is everything you need in a dry shampoo. It gives your hair a "clean, just washed" look, while also providing volume to your hair and making it smell great. The "Sweetie" scent is especially delicious. The best part, there is no white powdery residue left in your hair like a lot of dry shampoos.
Batiste dry shampoo rose
This dry shampoo smelt really good. However my hair would feel oily again after maybe an hour or so; this product wasn’t for me. I would rather the batiste original dry shampoo!
HAIR 101
This product works exactly as it states. My hair had no oily buildup or residue. The smell was also very refreshing.
Dry shampoo
My hair didn't feel dirty and greecy. It really works
The best dry shampoo to me!
This dry shampoo works perfectly the price of it is not bad at all and it smells amazing!
By far the best smelling
Dry shampoo I believe is one of God’s best creations for my hair however the smell isn’t always the greatest but this smells really good and does a good job
It is good
It is not my favorite dry shampoo but it is in my top 5 . I love how it smells ! It makes my hair more bouncy since I have such thin and lifeless hair. I wash my hair and then when I dry it I put this on so it'll be more fuller ! Love batiste !
Best Dry Shampoo
I love this dry shampoo so much! It smells so good and it doesn't leave a white residue like other dry shampoos. It also doesn't make my hair feel powdery and stiff.
Average dry shampoo
I enjoyed this dry shampoo and liked the fragrance. You noticed it when you first put it on, but then it fades away. Batiste is a moderately expensive brand and I don't think it does anything better than any other brand.
Love in a bottle
I love this dry shampoo!! Not only does it smell great but it keeps my hair fresh and dry! I’m the type that washes my hair every other night because my scalp dries out when I wash it every night. So the days I don’t wash my hair I use this and it’s great! No one can even tell and it’s great cause I can style with it too.
I really love this product, as a mother of 2 I don't always have time to groom properly so this stuff makes me look a little better
Batiste dry shampoo
After deciding not to wash my natural curly hair every day, I figured I should give this product a try, and I was not really very happy with the result since it's very hard to contribute through your curly hair.
Batiste Dry Shampoo
I really like Batiste Dry Shampoo. After trying a few different brands of dry shampoo varying from drugstore to high-end, I can definitely say Batiste not only does the job of refreshing my hair for another day, but it also gives my hair a nice fresh scent to boot. Batiste is very reasonably priced & has a decent product offering of several different scents& even one specifically for brunettes like myself! Gotta LOVE a product/company that gives brunettes extra love! I would absolutely recommend this product. I have purchased Batiste several times & consider it my dry shampoo of preference.

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