4.4 5 0 364 364 Batiste Dry Shampoo instantly makes your hair look clean and fresh with added body and texture.
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Tried this product
I like this product. It's not like washing your hair but it's makes your hair smell good when it's needs to be fresh.
Works great
This dry shampoo works great! I use it at night and next day wake up and its perfect.
I like this dry shampoo. It's not the best for dark hair (most of them are not cause they leave a white residue) I like the smell and the feel of my hair and the price is good. Overall a very good product.
Have a job where I am often called in at the last minute for coverage. This usually happens as I'm hitting the gym or out for a hike. Quick shower but no time for the hair wash and style. Picked this up on a whim and love it. Really works to give my hair a fresh look when time isn't there.
I have to take care of my mom who has dementia and can no longer stand to have water on her head. This product has been a life saver for me, and her hair looks clean and smell nice
love it!
I have personally used this as well as my 2 teenage daughters. It's great on those days when you just don't have time for a full wash. It soaks up all the oil and adds a nice fragrance. Makes your hair look newly washed.
Smells nice
This is ok but for me it doesn't really do the trick. I hate the fact all the whiteness off the powders stick to my hair spend forever trying to rub it all in and in the end my hair still looks greasy.
Great for Colored Hair
I bought this when I had my hair colored to help the color stay longer. It was great. My hair felt clean, smelled great; didn't look oily. NOW, my hair is back to no treatments & it doesn't work the 100% it did when my hair was colored. I have oily hair & my hair will still look oily. This is just after less than 24 hrs. I marked down a star just bc it doesn't help us with oily hair. All others, it's the best I've tried. It's costly though.
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Sweetie Fragrance does have great scent but didn't find that it really helped my hair to look more fresh. I felt like it gave my hair fresh scent but didn't remove the grease from the surface of my hair
Love this
Smells great, freshened up my hair . I like that it's not to heavy in my hair.
Like, but don't love
I use Batiste dry shampoo out of other brands because I can easily find it is drugstores. It works and it revives my hair when it starts getting oily at the roots. But I knocked one star off because sometimes, I have to run the nozzle under hot water because it gets gunked up and the spray function won't work.
El mejor!!!! Lo uso para controlar la grasa de mi cabello y aparte de que te deja el cabello con volumen.
Great dry shampoo
I've been a fan of Batiste products for some time now. I really enjoyed this scent, and will likely repurchase.
Batiste dry shampoo
My daughter had this and I tried it one day, i told her it was the best ever. My hair looked just like a waxed my hair that day no oilly hair anymore. Total love
Good product
Smells great! Lets u go in between washes.. Hair has more volume and shine

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