Batiste Dry Shampoo, Sweetie Fragrance

4.4 5 0 512 512 Batiste Dry Shampoo instantly makes your hair look clean and fresh with added body and texture.
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Sweetie Fragrance


Best dry shampoo
This is one of the most effective dry shampoos on the market. Let’s face it sometimes we don’t always have all the Time in the world or sometimes plans are suddenly sprung upon us with no prior warning. Enter the need for dry shampoo. This brand it is so great for absorbing oil and also adding texture making your hair extremely stylable.
Go to on vaca
I have very fine hair so if I don’t blow dry and add some type of volume product it just sits flat. I use this as my go to on vacation. Gives my hair a little more volume so it looks great. and face it you don’t always, well I don’t, wash my hair everyday so this helps a lot That little extra shine also. Definitely one if the best drug store products fir dry shampoo
The Best Dry Shampoo
This is by far, the best dry shampoo on the market. I have tried many different brands of dry shampoo over the past couple of years and nothing compares to Batiste. I have very oily prone hair and have to wash it everyday to keep it from becoming oily. But, with Batiste, I can go a few days without washing and it doesn’t look or feel oily. This doesn’t make your hair feel weighed down or heavy. I haven’t ever had a problem with the product making my dark hair have white spots either. I even like to use this on clean hair to give it some extra volume.
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Divine Dark
This is my favorite drugstore dry shampoo. I love that it comes in divine dark which gives a hint of color and is great for us darker hair folks. No white cast or residue. It smells amazing too! It does a great job absorbing sweat and oils and gives nice volume. And you can’t beat the price!
I love the Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent Sweetie Fragrance! This is an amazing line of dry shampoo that does not leave white residue and makes your old hair look like you just washed it!
Best product
I am so glad that I tried this. What a great product so easy
Batiste sweetie dry shampoo
I love the Batiste brand of dry shampoo. It can be used everyday and it does not dry out your hair. It just magically makes all the oil and ugliness go away, leaving your hair soft and full of volume. This spray works miracles for me and my hair. I have thin fine hair and it livens my hair right up making it look freshly washed and blow dried out. Amazing products.
It Smells Great
I dont wash my hair every day in fact i wash it once a week. I needed to make the washes last longer in between as we were having major renovations on our bathroom. So water was turned off alot. This worked for awhile but after a few days of use the product built up in my hair. So this is good for a quick use but not between a long many days.
This is a great brand for dry shampoo
This is a wonderful affordable brand for a dry shampoo. I usually go for the volume dry shampoos bc I have ZERO volume and thin hair so I need any extra volume I can get. I have used this and I love it just the same. Def a go to afforadnle product
My favorite dry shampoo
This dry shampoo is awesome! No white residue and doesn’t make your hair feel heavy! I just spray it in my roots and rub it in and my hair is ready to go! It’s so convenient for anyone who doesn’t wash their hair everyday and anyone who may be in a hurry!
Don't care for it
I didn't like these because I feel like my hair is not really clean after using it. Plus they are not supposed to be good for your hair.
Ohhh La La
I love the batisse brands. Super affordable, great packagings and actually works. I use dry shampoo all the time and I love the scent of this! I purchased mine at Walmart but you can get this almost anywhere
Dry shampoo
Leaves hair soft and volume for the shirt
White residue
This product does leave white residue no matter how sparingly used. I have dark hair. It made my scalp itch too.

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