4.4 5 0 396 396 Batiste Dry Shampoo instantly makes your hair look clean and fresh with added body and texture.
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Not my cup of tea
Although it made look clean it was the way that it felt that I couldn't stand if I was in a pinch yes I would use it again
Use sparingly
This is a great product to use on those days when you maybe oversleep or just don't feel like washing your hair. It works as it is supposed to, keeping the oil at bay and making your hair appear clean and fresh. Smells great. The only issue that I have with it is that if used too frequently it can be damaging to your hair. Everything in moderation, I guess
Love the smell
I use dry shampoo on a regular basis and I keep hearing and seeing positive reviews for Batiste so I thought I give it a try. I love how this smells, it smells so good and it keeps my hair from looking so oily in between washes. The only thing I don't like is tends to leave a white residue on your hair,even though I do exactly as it says or even use a small amount it's there. While I like the product I just don't like the residue it leaves
It's ok
I think the product works well, definitely needs to be used in a well ventilated room lol! I feel once I let it dry and brush it off I get so many compliments about how my hair really turned more gray overnight lol!
I recommend trying
I like this dry shampoo.i never really used dry shampoo before but once i tried it .i liked it.one thing i wasnt to happy about was there would be white residues even after i would brush and do everything it told me .once working it through .it did keep the oils in my hair out the whole day. N thats the main thing obviously for me
I wash my hair every other day and needed something to use in between. I purchased this product and it smells great. It absorbs unwated oils from you scalp. Only thing I dislike is that it makes my hair feel like I have hairspray in it.
Best Dry Shampoo
Smells wonderful and works great! Me & both of my teenage daughters use it.
Best dry shampoo
This dry shampoo was so easy to use and my hair smelled amazing
Smells amazing
This dry shampoo works amazingly and smells awesome. However, the concern I had was the drying out of my hair. I am not an anti chemicals type of girl at all, but the butane in this is really hard on the hair follicle and does leave hair (if used more than once in a blue moon) really dry. I had to stop using it. I am giving it 4 stars because it does work as intended and it works really well plus it smells amazing. I subtracted one star because it does dry out hair if using twice a week.
Dirty hair dont despair
Smells absolutely amazing! So many choices and they all smell terrific! You wpumd never be able to tell your hair hasnt been washed in a few days. For the super busy people out there this is the best!
Cheap and one of my favorites!
I try to use a lighter dry shampoo on day 2 and then Bastiste the following days as needed. Still light, does not leave any white residue and smells amazing. Great product and bottle size for the price!
Me encanta
Súper el producto para la s personas que tienes que el cabello graso es una opción para evitar lavar tanto el cabello, buen aroma y en minutos adiós grasa.
Best dry shampoo on the market!
This is the only dry shampoo I will use! I love Batiste products. I’ve tried other dry shampoos but all of them that I’ve tried have left my hair feeling super stiff and gross feeling, except Batiste. Being a busy mom, dry shampoo is life
Dry shampoo
I really like this product, i find it works best if you spray it on before bed so it has time to soak up oils. The sent is light and amazing. Deffinitly a go to pdoduct if i know i have an early or busy morning ahead if me.
Great product
I was really skeptical about using this but was in a pinch for time and had no choice. I have really fine hair and was worried it might weigh it down. I was pleasantly surprised. After using this spray, my hair looked really clean and refreshed. Did not weigh down my hair. Great product!

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