4.4 5 0 352 352 Batiste Dry Shampoo instantly makes your hair look clean and fresh with added body and texture.
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Batiste Dry Shampoo, Sweetie Fragrance does have great scent but didn't find that it really helped my hair to look more fresh. I felt like it gave my hair fresh scent but didn't remove the grease from the surface of my hair
Love this
Smells great, freshened up my hair . I like that it's not to heavy in my hair.
Like, but don't love
I use Batiste dry shampoo out of other brands because I can easily find it is drugstores. It works and it revives my hair when it starts getting oily at the roots. But I knocked one star off because sometimes, I have to run the nozzle under hot water because it gets gunked up and the spray function won't work.
Great dry shampoo
I've been a fan of Batiste products for some time now. I really enjoyed this scent, and will likely repurchase.
Batiste dry shampoo
My daughter had this and I tried it one day, i told her it was the best ever. My hair looked just like a waxed my hair that day no oilly hair anymore. Total love
Good product
Smells great! Lets u go in between washes.. Hair has more volume and shine
Good stuff
I've used a few dry shampoos and Batiste ranks up there as one of my favorite. It worked great when I put it in my hair the night before and slept on it. The scent is also fabulous.
Love it!
I love this product! I use to wash my hair daily until I started buying this dry shampoo. Now I can actually wash my hair every other day or every two days, which allows me to have more manageable hair. At first I wasn't sure about it because I looked like an old lady after I sprayed it on, but after I brushed it out, it was so amazing!! My hair smells great and feels so clean after using it. So on those days when I am in a hurry and don't get a chance to wash my hair I just spray a little on, brush it out and you'd never know! It's a great product!
Was advised by my friend to try it out. Always skeptical about trying new products but it was amazing and the fragrance was nice not overwhelming.
Overly scented
This shampoo worked well. It did what it said it would do. It didn’t leave excessive residue. Edit clean up the oil near my scalp. The only thing I didn’t like about this is it’s over powering sent/fragrance. It’s just too much.
Dry Shampoo
I love this dry shampoo! I think it works well to give your hair a fresh look and also gives it volume. The only downside to the product is that it gets all over your bathroom when you spray it and leaves a film on the counters and floor.
Love it
This product leaves my hair smooth and feeling refresh even if is oily and ready to get a wash. Perfect for a night out you didn’t planned.
Cult Classic
I doubt I've met anyone who doesn't use this dry shampoo! Super handy for those days that you just can't be bothered to wash your hair! Stays on for a while and revitalizes my oily hair.
Clean hair today!
So what I really like about this dry shampoo is I'm saving my hair from another great wave. So using it every couple days saves my hair ultimately. Which is a huge deal for my dry, friend out hair. The smell is great as well. I did notice one thing which I'm not sure why but when I spray in the back underneath it doesn't work as well I end up having to spray more on my hair in reality it isn't even as much moisture in my hair back there. So it is weird but I still make it work. I really do like this line is
One Of My Favs Dry Shampoo
I really like this dry shampoo the smell is very pleasant and it does a very good job on my hair.

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