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Beanitos, White Bean Crunch, Mac n' Cheese
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Healthy and Yummy
I like trying healthy products and this was both healthy and yummy and it also contains 4g of protein.It has a bit of an aftertaste but overall I liked the flavor and fact that it is not fried. I would purchase this again and recommend to friends.
Good Value for Price
They taste cheesy and yummy and are a good healthy value. The only thing I don’t like is that they have an odd aftertaste. I would recommend these to a friend who wants a healthier alternative to chips.
Not bad, but not the best.
I was looking for a healthier option to the well-known snack, Cheetos. These seemed like a good replacement. I think they have a really nice crunch to them but I felt the flavor was a little lacking.
A Different Kind of Cheesy Taste
I purchased these on a whim. We have searched for more non-grain and/or gluten-free for one of our children. The flavor peaked my interest and said, why not. All the family tried it. I liked them for the "cheesiness". The texture was a little firmer than expected, but didn't deter me. Suffice it to say, I ended up eating the rest of the bag myself. I bought the next bag for myself!
Delicious Snack!
My family loves Beanitos! I love that they are a healthy snack that I can easily slip into my daughter's school lunch and know she's getting a treat that is good for her. They taste fantastic and I love the flavor! Highly recommend these!
Not a fan in our home! We both felt the taste was dull and dry. I love cheetos puffs and crunchy so was hoping these would be similar due to being a bit healthier. Hubs can take or leave cheetos, but after eating a handful that was it. We do like other Beanitos products just this one, not so much. But Beanitos are a healthier product....
When you combine my favorite things into a chip how could it go wrong? These are a fun flavor that has to be tried. I love the bean chip with Mac n cheese flavor. So good!
I actually bought these yesterday,and then saw them on here to review! We love them! Good crunch, good texture,great flavor.
These are fantastic! Very crunchy and cheesy flavor... certainly a wonderful healthy replacement for junk. I feel good giving these to my kids- packed with nutrition! Start your kids on these and they will never want to try artificial versions.
Beanitos, White Bean Crunch mac and cheese are delicious. I love the flavor and the crunchy taste of these! YUM!
Healthier option of Cheetos I swear.they taste sooo freaking good.Since I’m always trying to cry healthy snacks this one is great.
I love Mac n'Cheese but these are a no! I like the crunchy texture just not the over-all taste. I get this weird after taste. Not a big fan of these.
I thought this was a unique snack and was excited to try it but I was not pleased with it. I liked the crunchy texture but it didn't have much flavor and tasted like air. I didn't really taste the cheese either.
Really love the taste and flavor of this Beanitos, White Bean Crunch, Mac n' Cheese snacks. It has really nice crunchy texture but also bold flavorful taste. Would definitely recommend since it is made with quality ingredients and also good way to also great fiber in your diet
I love these snacks. A great alternative to your usual corn crunchies.

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