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Bear Naked Toasted Coconut Almond Granola
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I love this granola, perfect on yogurt or just to eat plain. The toasted coconuts and almonds is a pair made in heaven, I love it and recommending to everyone. Healthy and GF is a plus.
Average granola
Bear naked basically charges you a prime price for their cute marketing. The granola is your average granola. Stick with store brands.
Crunchy, Sweet & Healthy
I am a huge fan of granola. I put it on yogurt, bake with it & eat it right out the bag. BEAR Granola has a nice variety to choose from as well. I like this one the best. You can't go wrong with chocolate crunchiness, sweet almonds & toasted coconut. The only downside is that the bag could be provided in bigger bags as well.
Met my match!!
We were looking for a great granola to add to our Greek yogurt in the morning. There are a ton of them in the store we go to, we went with this one and so happy we did!! We love it and it’s now an item that is always on our shopping list. Bare naked is the top granola and our only choice in our house. Go Granola!!
Son loves his lunchbox for his yogurt
My son asked to take yogurt to school so I bought this for him to add to it and now it is a staple in our house. We both love it
Not the biggest fan
So perhaps I got a bad bag, but the granola in this is hard to chew, it doesn’t really taste that great and all around was an unpleasant experience. This said, I can see how some people would like it. It is worth a try but do not get your hopes up.
A go-to snack
Love this granola. Just the right amount of sweetness. I must admit I had a hard time NOT snacking on it!
So yum!
Suuuuuuuper yummy granola, plus it has a cute bear on it (not that that should influence your decision at all ;) )
I use these to watch my weight! They’re so great in yogurt or pudding!
Naked and Shameless
I am normally not a big fan of coconut unless it's in the form of coconut water,but I do love granola and almonds, so I decided to give it a shot. It is rather expensive for granola which is why I give it s 3 but the taste is amazing!
LUV, LUV, LUV the product. Buy it when I have extra cash or during a sale. To me it tastes like a vanilla / coconut combination. Additionally, this brand is very crunchy, just like good granola should be. One really can't go wrong w- Granola as a snack. Highly recommend. 😀
Definitely a good addition to yogurt, and I'm not even a fan of coconut but this was still good to me, that's saying something.
My kids love it!
My kids are 3, 6 and 8. They absolutely love this, especially in their yogurt for a "parfait." As long as we eat it up shortly after opening, it's fine. If it isn't eaten within a week, even with the seal-able bag, it gets a bit stale... dusty almost. Thankfully that doesn't happen often with my kiddos!
Naked truth
I started buying this granola because it was on sale. But upon purchase I discovered that is actually pretty good granola. Non GMO high quality ingredients and they have several varieties so you don't get burnt out on the same kind. I was even happy when the sale is over and price went back to normal, to discover that it's still cheaper than most other granolas I love it and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family alike!
This product was the perfect mix of coconut and almonds. Its' a good quick snack I have kept at work to satisfy my hunger until lunch.

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