4.7 5 0 129 129 Featuring Non-GMO project verified toasted coconut, almonds, and cinnamon.
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I picked this up last week (I usually don't buy granola--too expensive) but my husband was looking at trail mix and this looked really yummy. It did not disappoint! I would not hesitate to recommend it!
I purchased this randomly while at the grocery store and I was so glad that I decided to try it out! It is not only tasty goodness it is also very healthy and it's GLUTEN FREE! Which is a plus with a child in the home who has a gluten allergy. I definitely recommend this to others! Go grab it at the store and eat up some deliciousness!
So Delicious!
I absolutely love this product it’s great for an on the go snack and really good in yogurt!
Yummy and nutritious
I like this product and would recommend for busy mom. Get good food and energy fast in the morning
Best ever .the bag was not big eough lol almost ate it all at once ..over alll it one of the best.
Love it
So so so yummy I could eat it all day!! Seriously the best
I love Bear Naked products especially this flavor. I would recommend this product to anyone.
Yes please!
I love its crunch and fresh wholesome taste.Delicious
Everyone loves it!
We’re the house of four breakfasts. Every day. The husband eats earlier and more. The eight year old wants to grab and go on the way to school. The two year old eats practically nothing. Me? It depends on the day. But this granola is amazing! The husband can eat it for breakfast in any way he wants. I can make a parfait with yogurt for an easy in the car breakfast for the road. The baby likes to decorate her cereal with it. And me? I can eat it any way I like. The taste is amazing. The sugar content is reasonable and the protein it provides helps to boost our days!
It’s awesome and it’s a bit sweet so no need add sugar . It’s good on yogurt or shakes
Perfect pick me up
Tried this first back in Jan. Absolutely loved it. So crunchy with a hint of sweet. Perfect to add to yogurt or ice cream. I highly recommend you try it yourself!
Yummy for anytime
This stuff is awesome! I love it on yogurt or mixed with fruits or even by itself I swear I could eat a whole entire bag by itself! I absolutely love it and so does my boyfriend.
Not just for Bears!
The sweet taste of coconut and the flavor of Almonds, makes this one great snack food. Healthy and tasty, what more is there. You better get two thou so you don't have to share.
Great granola
Taste good and I bought it for a great price.texture was perfect.made myself a great granola mix by adding my healthy trail mix favs.
bear naked
great product taste wonderful nice texture enjoyed very much

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