Bear Naked Toasted Coconut Almond Granola

4.7 5 0 323 323 Featuring Non-GMO project verified toasted coconut, almonds, and cinnamon.
Bear Naked Toasted Coconut Almond Granola


Tried & true
Granola is always my go to. I love coconut & almonds so makes it all the better! Love the crunch & especially the taste & combination!
Perfect start to the day as I enjoy my oats crunchy compared to soft or cooked. Coconut flakes add great flavor and more texture to each bite! I’m obsessed with every flavor they have!
I found this while browsing the aisle of my grocery store. I was surprised how great this is at my first taste. It is now on my shopping list. Its my new favorite
Bare naked coconut almond granola
They have many varieties and this one is pretty good it's fresh and crunchy taste good to me I buy these every week I go shopping taste so good I would definitely keep buying these
Delicious flavor
I love this granola! The flavor of the coconut and the almond is just divine. The granola is delicious to snack on on its own or to eat as breakfast with milk or yogurt. I love that this is gluten free
Bear naked granola
I love granola and this bear naked brand is as fresh tasting I have had in awhile. I can eat these alone by the handful, sprinkled over some yogurt or even on some hot oatmeal to add some extra crunch without adding too much added sugar.
Great product among the Bear Naked brand
I really love the Bear Naked brand. Out of all granola's, Bear Naked is one of my favorites. This one, along with their Cacao and Cashew butter is delicious. I like the nice sliver of almonds and coconuts. It's nicely balanced and the pieces are small and manageable. I don't like other brands that are either overly sweet with sugar or have large pieces of granola. I find myself easily snacking out of these bags or using it for my yogurt.
High Quality
Highly recommend this product it is very good and i will encourage others to try it at any time.
Bear Naked Granola
My 9 year old granddaughter and I found this granola purely by accident. We adored the name & that's what prompted our purchase! We enjoy this tasty granola without milk when watching a movie or playing a boardgame. ALL flavors are a must have munch!
I bought the chocolate flavor. Although it was hard to find, I eventually found it. It was so delicious! Quick and easy for work. Also loved it on some ice cream at night! Highly recommend.
This granola is fantastic! I love the taste and you can use it for several different things. My favorite is using this granola in a parfait for breakfast.
We eat this in our house a lot. This goes great alone, in milk, with yogurt or mixed in with some nuts and chocolate chips for a road trip. Kids love it. The hubby loves it. Definitely recommend.
Love it in plain or vanilla Greek yogurt!! It’s very good clean taste . Lots of crunch !! The taste is so good I love it as a snack just grabbing a handful and the kids love it !!’
Tasty Morning Energy
The Bear Naked Toasted Coconut Almond granola provides a great mix of flavors and consistencies for a nice morning snack. I enjoy mixing mine with either plain or vanilla Greek yogurt to add in some additional goodies for my morning. The granola has a nice crunch yet is easy to chew and not stale tasting like some other granolas I have tried.
Love this on yogurt
I'm a big fan of Parfaits and this granola mix is perfect. It doesn't have huge clusters in it which I don't like. The flavor is very subtle and perfectly suited to the fresh berries I put on top.

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