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Bear Naked Toasted Coconut Almond Granola
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Bear Naked granola
I really loved it not too sweet enjoyed the flavor and my snack attack was satisfied after
bear naked
I have always love granola bear naked toasted coconut is by far the most amazing favor yet!!
Love product!
This is pretty good and conveniently packed. I throw this in my lunch back along with a milk substitute that's in one of those tetra packs and I'm good to go. The container is pretty tough so I don't have to worry about it getting damaged in my bag.
Love coconut
Great taste. Love the coconut with the almonds. bear naked is a high quality brand.
The crunch'll get ya.
Regarding it's flavor, it was appealing to me, a balanced taste rife with notes of cinnamon and coconut, but it was not too sweet. Immersed in milk, it stood up admirably, retaining it's crunch far longer than expected. I enjoyed it.
I love this it’s very tasty I’m a big coconut fan so this is perfect thing to snack on
Bear naked
This was really good! It surprised me just how tasty it really was....it was a thumbs up for me
These are super!! delicious.I have tried them in my yogurt cereal or just a plain snack they are super delicious and easy to take on the go.
Quite tasty
I bought this at big lots because I was looking for a granola to go with my plain yogurt. O was quite surprised! Nice taste in every mouthful. Now when I go buy granola, I look for this brand
Soo yummy!
I bought this product because I love granola, coconut and almonds and i was not disappointed! Me and my husband ate the whole bag in a couple days and its not a small bag by any means, it was delicious with yogurt or just by itself and to anyone who enjoys granola you should definitely give bear naked a try!
Delicious Snack!!
I love to eat granola and try many different kinds. Bear Naked Toasted Coconut Almond has a very good taste and I like the fact that it is Gluten free and a healthy snack choice. Will definitely but again. If you like Coconut and Almonds, try them. They are Delicious!!
Bear naked wins in my book!
these are great! i pour them in my cereal to beef up my morning fiber and there's no gluten either! i find these to be really healthy and tasty too. my family likes them too. sometimes i sprinkle them on my yogurt and sometimes i just eat them alone. there good.
Bear Naked Coconut and Almond In The Morning
I love this Bear Naked in my morning yogurt.The taste is great,the price is competitive.I would recommend.
Bear Naked Products
I was fortunate to receive several different packages of the Bear Naked Granola products. I have tried this one in particular and love same. It is crunchy and fulfilling. I like this in a product.
Fresh and very tasty. Little bit expensive but worth it.

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