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Awesome Granola
I am very picky when it comes to granola and the bear naked really is awesome. Low salt content and sugar. The coconut almond combo is totally tasty..
Yummy to the tummy
Overall a very nice granola with coconut that adds a sense of sweetness and craving for another spoonful. Thank u
Bare Naked Granola
I love the low sodium; great tasting flavor! I am always making my own to lesson my salt intake but not this time! Thank you granola gods!
Bear naked toasted granola
Like that is non to very low in sodium and is toasted but tastes like other grano!a products
I try this and they are soo good! you got to try them
I love bear naked granola it's so good and so filling! I even make different things from it like energy balls or different snacks for my kid. Our whole family loves this granola! I would definitely recommend getting it as you can eat it as is or make different snacks from it.
Great granola
I love putting bear naked granola in my greek yogurt. It makes it taste so much better and addes extra fiber.and protein.
Great tasting granola! Love coconut flavor. A little pricey but so worth it!
Great taste!
Great granola for topping yogurt especially for coconut lovers like me!
Delicious but pricey
Love the coconut and almond pieces for a little extra flavor and crunch. It is a great topper for yogurt. A bit pricey though for how fast I go through it. Nice little treat when I have some extra room in the budget.
This stuff is absolutely out of this world. Great flavor! i recommend it highly.
It’s actually really good!
I was a little hesitant on trying this out, but it’s actually really good! The sliced almonds are a very pleasant addition, to my morning yogurt.
Love bear naked granola!
I have tried many varieties of bear naked granolas and loved them all. Quality is fresh and I even freeze bags when I buy in bulk and they stay and taste fresh for later use. I love Coconut anything so am biased toward any products containing it. Using it in my Chobani yogurt and topping on ice-cream for texture mixes is a nice option and pairs well, IMO. I love it by handfuls but have to be mindful of the portions or else I'd consume 1/2 a bag in 1 sitting.
New product I want to try to this product and thanks
I'm on a strict diet, and this is what my dietian, will recommend as a healthy snack, may bro.

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