Bear Naked Toasted Coconut Almond Granola

4.7 5 0 318 318 Featuring Non-GMO project verified toasted coconut, almonds, and cinnamon.
Bear Naked Toasted Coconut Almond Granola


I loved this cereal, healthy but more importantly delicious. I recommend it highly. I even snack with it.
I am a big fan of granola and this is one of the really good ones that I have tried. It has coconut and almonds. I eat it like cereal and put in some rice milk. It is crunchy and has a nice flavor.
Best Granola Ever !!
Bear Naked granola has the best ingredients of any brand of granola. I love the taste and quality. It’s the only brand for me.
Love it
So delicious we love granola and lately this is our go to .. our kids even like it for when we go for walks as a snack
I really enjoyed this granola. My grand baby wouldn't eat yougart until i put some of this granola in it I enjoy it plain as a treat.
Put in your yogurt
I use this Granola to put in my yogurt and it is very good. Also, the price is right if your are watching the wallet.
Love this!!!
Love this Granola, very light and goes well with my yogurt every morning to give it a crunch.
Love it
This is delicious. I love the coconut almond flavor. It is just right. The texture is just right too. I always have it for breakfast and it keeps me full until lunch. I would recommend it.
Great tasting granola
Everyone in my house loves the Bear Naked Granola. We don't have a specific flavor that we like better. They all taste great and we enjoy eating it right out of the bag, as well as in a bowl with milk. My daughter loves them in her Greek Yogurt.
My favorite granola!
Bear Naked is my absolute favorite granola! The Toasted Coconut Almond granola tastes delicious on its own, but I love to eat it over Greek yogurt. My kids really love this granola too.
We love all of the flavors
We have tried many of the Bear Naked granola mixes and really like all of them. The Triple Berry has great flavor, but the Cocoa and Cashew Butter is our favorite. Pour a handful into your yogurt and it makes for a delicious snack and treat.
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Carry a bag in my work truck
This is perfect with yogurt or just to have a handful while on the go. I love how its not too sweet. I even bought 2 bags, one to have at home and another to keep in my work truck.
I love bear naked granola, and knew this would be no different. It is perfect with fruit, or even just milk. If you like almonds or coconut, I don’t think its possible to dislike this amazing treat!
Super stuff!
I have the same breakfast every morning; granola, plain yogurt and fresh fruit. Sometimes I switch up granolas but I usually come back to this brand. Just the right amount of sweetness and easy to blend with other items.

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