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Bear Naked Toasted Coconut Almond Granola
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This is a great snack to have anytime of day. I put it in my yogurt. It’s a mix of granola Price is good and sold at grocery, health food stores and target. I would recommend trying
It was ok
I was excited to try this, but I ended up not really liking it. The flavor was a bit bland to me. It seems like a good option for individuals looking for specific health benefits. I was primarily looking for flavor and it just wasn’t for me.
Cuckoo for coconut
Love it!!! Great as a snack or as a whole breakfast.
Great taste!
I’ll have to start by saying i originally bought this for my pet rats as a snack for their daily salad. Crazy sounding, i know but i spoil them. I happened to pop a bit in my mouth while giving to them and it tasted great! Normally I’m not a granola person but it was good!
The best granola!
Normally I am not the biggest fan of granola- it is too hard and not enough flavor or too much sugar. Bear Naked granola however, is way different- it is packed with flavor, tiny clusters and honey! I love the chocolate pieces too@ we take this backpacking for long trips; it holds up well and hits the spot when I crave something slightly sweet!
BEST granola!!
I love bear naked products. Very tasty and perfect combination for yogurt.
Really good
I thought it was really good granola. It wasnt too sweet and the almond wasnt too overpowering. It was just the right mixture. It was great in my yogurt and by itself.
The only granola I buy
Ever since the first time I tried this granola it was an instant like, the taste was fresh, left me refreshed all day and the variety has been nice to try, I add it in yogurt, eat it as cereal but best of all is straight up the way it is out the bag. I went on a diet and was referred to this and surprisingly I lost a whopping 30 lbs in a month with this as my go to way of getting my oats and fiber.
I use the granola on my yogurt for a great crunch and taste.
Best Granola Ever Made
I truly believe that bear naked is the best granola by far. It is not in a bar form but loose granola pieces. You have to eat it with a spoon or by the handful! Every single flavor is delicious and good for you! I highly recommend bear naked granola over any other brand!
Bear Naked coconut Almond granola is the bomb!
I normally am not a fan of coconut, but this is toasted and is really satisfying. It is a household favorite, as soon as I buy a bag it is gone in a few days. It stays crunchy from first to last bite thanks to the nuts & coconut. It also is a little chewy from the oats and grains. I feel full for hours after eating it, so it is a great way to eat right and stay fit!
Tasty oats
Good mixture of oats & good taste and at a very good price
I always buy this product, and I absolutely love it. They have many flavors including peanut butter, vanilla and more. NON GMO which is important in our house and the ingredients are just better! The price is also really good for this product!
Great granola
Bear naked granola not only looks as delicious as it tastes, but it great for you as well! I would recommend atleast trying it, and see how you feel! Once you go Bear Naked you never go back!
This is a great tasting granola and just one of my favorites to add w my yogurt. Usually have this 1 a day. Great for snacks. I love all the different flavors made by this company.

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