Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World

4.8 5 0 271 271 Coffee Caramel Ice Cream with Fudge Chunks & Swirls of Marshmallow & Salted Caramel
Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World


easy moment
The particular moment in time blissful the go-to snack or desert uncompromising you can really count on the feeling you get when you eat it looks memorizing delicious tempting your go to treat
This tastes amazing the blend is on point and has just enough of everything all in one, I loved how much it tastes like summer
caramel, marshmallows in creamy ice cream - yum!
I love Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World ice cream. It's a creamy, smooth coffee/caramel base with big fudge chunks and lots of swirls of Marshmallow and salted caramel sauce. Very good stuff.
Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World
Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World is an ice cream that has a coffee caramel base and is swirled with caramel and marshmallow and dotted with chocolate chunks. The ice cream is super tasty and everyone will love the flavor so much, just like me.
One Sweet What?
This is a delicious ice cream loaded chock full of coffee caramel taste with fudge chunks and swirls of marshmallow & salted caramel. It's a lot like their One Sweet Whirled except that flavor has coffee flavored chips and caramel swirls. I think it's a bit too similar to give it 5-stars. Get a bit more creative and original Ben & Jerry! World vs. Whirled? Really?
Soo Good!
Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World is coffee caramel ice cream with fudge chunks and swirls of marshmallow & salted caramel. I love coffe ice cream, and they add caramel to that. Yummy. Then the best part is the fudge chunks and marshmallow. Definetly buy!
love it
Super sweet and delicious! Could definitely finish it in one go!
What the World Needs Now
Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World is SPECTACULAR!! The salted caramel is the ingredient that binds all of the deliciousness into pure heaven. The texture is smooth, the taste is ultimate, and the authenticity of the ingredients is sheer PERFECTION!!
Sweet Love in a Pint
Ben and Jerry's one sweet world is an amazing ice cream product. It has just the right taste and very creamy and sweet. I wish they would add a little bit more chocolate, but overall, its a great product.
Yes please
When you want to have that love affair with something and it’s better and less trouble the the opposite sex this ice cream will be the thing you need because it covers all those buttons in one plus it doesn’t talk lol
This icecream was really good would get more I think I was really good because the chocolate was creamy and made there could have been a little more chocolate I would recommend to friends
Heaven in a tub
Wow, I love ice cream any way but they have to combine all of my favorites in one. I love the flavor and texture. It literally takes everything away and calms the stress of the day, unfortunately I have to work on my diet and exercise harder but it's the small things that we treat ourselves with that means alot. This ice cream is loce.
Ben and jerrys
Ben and Jerrys. Whst more do you need to say. Best ice cream. Best in bed sweets. I love ben and jerrys so much and until this ice cream came out half baked was my favorite flavor but one sweet world taked the winning prize home now. It is a mocha caramel teuffle chocolate awesomeness explosion. Its delicious. If you like coffee you eill love jt. Im so.excited about tje new flavor. I definitly think everyne needs tontey this
Delicious with a unifying message!
Their best flavor ever! Who doesn't love Ben and Jerry's? It is delicious! Ben & Jerry's One Sweet World is coffee caramel ice cream with salted carmel and marshmellow swirl.
so yummy, I only wish I had a gallon of it! Very quality ice cream :)

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