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Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World
Get in my tummy! Great flavor for warm summer evenings on the front porch.
Ben and Jerry One Sweet World Ice Cream
I am a vivid ice cream eater and lover and I know my ice cream and this one is delicious with caramel coffee, marshmallows and salted caramel swirls and the caffeine in it gives you some extra boost like coffee does
Caramel Perfection
This just might be my favorite way to shovel caramel!
Smooth and creamy
Very smooth and creamy taste. Love the taste and a perfect size
The best
I am an ice cream connoisseur and I believe Ben & Jerrys is the best on the market these days. Every flavor I’ve tasted has been excellent. But, one sweet world is the perfect co
Ben N Jerry
There is no other ice cream that has the flavors that you heart and your gut loves
Amazing I love the taste the portion size this is one of my favorite all time ice creams. Its taste is so creamy its so good its almost hard to explain.
Best for milkshakes
This ice cream is very smooth and creamy. It mixes well in a milkshake, and the pint size is perfect for portion control.
Tastes like heaven
I've never tasted a better brand of ice cream as Ben & Jerry's. Its the bomb right down to the last drop.The flavor is so dead on awesome, the texture is silky smooth . And it definitely hit the spot especially on a long hot summer day but any time of the day and any day of the year its just the best i've ever had. It costs a little more but well worth it.
So everything about Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World is good, but nothing is exactly great. The base ice cream is solid and I love the softer, stickier consistency of the marshmallow swirl. However, the marshmallow doesn’t stand out against coffee as effectively as it does against chocolate (like in Phish Food). The marshmallow and multiple caramel components all kind of blend together. As one.
Love Love Love
Love salted caramel especially in Ice Cream.Ben and Jerrys please keep this one
Mouth watering
I hope Ben and Jerry’s never go out of business because I would cry this ice cream is so delicious 😆
This is the most amazing Ben and Jerry's product yet! All the flavors really melt together in your mouth and taste fantastic together! I probably could eat an entire tub of this, and really have to try hard not to. This is my favorite snack to wind down with at the end of the night.
THIS ice cream very creamy it's a little expensive but it's worth every penny. That's my special treat.
Like all the Ben and Jerry's, this is fantastic! Their ice cream is so high quality! We love it.

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