BENEFIT COSMETICS The POREfessional: Hydrate Primer

4.6 5 0 353 353 A hydrating face primer that helps diminish the look of pores and hydrate skin in one step.
BENEFIT COSMETICS The POREfessional: Hydrate Primer


One of my Favs
This primer leaves my face feeling so soft and smooth which also allows my makeup to just glide right on. It also keeps my makeup in place for 8+ hours a day! It’s also a primer that isn’t too sticky which I appreciate as some feel like Elmer’s glue going on.
Great primer
This primer is really great and makes my makeup look really nice. It really minimizes my pores and gives my skin a blurred look.
Perfect Primer
I loved the original professional primer, but sometimes felt it a bit too drying on my skin. This lite version is just perfect.
Love this product
I have tried several brands of primers from Mac to urban decay but I like this one the best! I love that it’s not a heavy primer you really don’t notice you’re wearing it and it doesn’t take much at all to cover your face. It last a long time too!
Great face primer!
I recently bought this a few months ago at Ulta as part of their 21 days of beauty sale and wanted to try it out. I really liked it. It really hydrates your face and dries down fast,to almost a matte feel.
Benefit does it again!
I love, love, love Benefot products. The porefessional line is one of my favorites. It hydrated and minimizes my pores without making my face breakout. My makeup goes on smooth and it doesn’t feel like it is melting off my face on a hot day.
Great product
I love this product. My skin feels hydrated even under makeup.
Great for pores
I use this as a spot treatment when I see a pimple or I feel one coming on. If you use it on clean skin it’ll be gone in a day. However I noticed if I use it under makeup it takes a little longer to go away.
One of my go to primers.
I have tried many primers and this is definitely one of my go-toos. It goes on smooth, reduces pores, and my makeup looks good. I think you could use this and not even put makeup on and it would look good. Doesn't have a bad smell or a strong smell which is also a plus.
This is hands down the best pore minimizing primer I've come across yet. Not only does it work making my large pores blend in with my makeup, it leaves a wonderful silk feeling after joy grassy at all
Perfect Primer
My pores look much better and my makeup is flawless underneath. I have sensitive skin so I always hesitate to try something on my face but this didn’t bother my skin at all. I would recommend.
Good stuff!
I've seen so, so many ladies giving bad reviews for products when the product isn't working because of user error. This primer is hydrating and goes on smooth. It feels luxurious and the smell is minimal. It makes a perfect canvas for makeup, even on aging skin, so long as it's used correctly! Listen up ladies!! Typically, makeup and skin care pilling is caused when the formulas of the products you're using are not compatible. Much like how water and oil repel each other, if you're using an oil-based moisturizer and a water-based foundation - you're likely to run into some problems. Piling can also occur when you layer products too quickly without giving them time to absorb. Make certain that your products WORK together and stop blaming the products
I love this primer because it's very hydrating and even though I have oily skin it doesn't make my face feel oily or greasy. It also hides my pores which is a bonus.
Works great
This primer is the best. It doesn’t make my pores look big and it makes the make up last all day. I’ve used plenty other primers before and this has to be my favorite benefit cosmetics is a great line
Pretty seamless primer...
This primer is great for smooth, clear skin, but I had trouble with the product over acne or healing skin. Not for everyone, all the time, but works great when your skin is clear!

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