4.4 5 0 121 121 The world''s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten. Find it in the meat aisle.
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We stopped eating meat and cheese 2 years ago for health reasons. However, we love food and have adapted to different ways to cook. We are happy to have this product on the market for a change of flavor. However, I hope that, in time, they make it less "processed".
So good
So tasty. Wasn't expecting it to taste like an actual beef burger. Pleasantly surprised
Love these!!
Sooo good! I have been trying to reduce the amounts of meat I consume in my diet lately. These are an amazing substitute for meat! Not only does it look just like meat but it is sooo delicious!
Bomb Alternative
I really enjoyed this patty, I liked the texture and flavor and will definitely be switching up my patties more often.
Great veggie burger
👁 recently tried this at my vegetarian friends 囧. Taste was pretty good for plant based and much closer to meet than those other veggie bean burgers. Will definitely consider buying again
Very good
Not as good as beef, but still very good! Would make cutting back on meat quite easy!
Surprisingly tasty
This was really good... i would opt for it as enthusiastically as regular burgers!
Vegetarian APPROVED!
I have been a vegetarian for almost three years and finally got a chance to try this! It’s delicious! You would never know it wasn’t real. Even my husband loved it.
Tastes pretty good, but...
I think it’s a pretty good alternative for ground meat burgers. Taste and texture is pretty spot on. I sampled it for the first time in a store, and liked it. So a bought a package. I seasoned it like my other burgers and cooked it. The first few bites were nice but I grew tired of it halfway through. I also didn’t care for the aftertaste and how my stomach felt later. Perhaps I need to have a smaller portions or this is something I’d have to get used to. Not sure. I might try again though. I’d recommend anyone try it for themselves.
Not to much a fan of the the taste. In my opinion it taste like dirt. I've tried other plant based meat in which was pretty good. I do not recommend.
Very realistic
these taste like traditional burgers. even my meat eater husband loved them. I really like that these are Gluten and Soy free.
This is the best vegan meat I ever have tried and it grills very nicely. It isn’t dry and has a lot of flavor. My meat eating friends love it as well! It’s my new favorite.
Tasted weird
Bought this hamburger because it was on sale, was very disappointed. The flavors were really strange. I definitely do not recommend.
Beyond burger
Very bad tasting for it is made up of canola oil, coconut oil, water, pea protein isolate so it is not made of any actual vegetables and a whopping 380 mg of sodium compare to a real meat burger that has 75 mg of sodium If you are on a low salt diet stay away from this meatless burger
Best began
This is the best vegan "beef" I've tried to date. Similar to the impossible Whopper.

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