Beyond Burger™

4.3 5 0 269 269 The world''s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten. Find it in the meat aisle.
Beyond Burger™


Worth a try.
I can't tell this in not meat and the protion is filling . Definitely recommend it for those trying to cut back on red meat.
I tried this and the Impossible Burger at a food tasting and the Beyond Burger you can't even tell that its NOT beef! It is so GOOD you MUST try it !
Planted based burgers taste great. I started eating plant based at the beginning of the year and I love these highly recommend them
Beyond Burger
I had a get together and I have a friend who is not a meat eater, most of us are. I always want people to have a good time and enjoy themselves. So I bought this for my friend and added my normal seasoning to it and cooked it up like I would a normal burger. Since I was going to be serving it I knew I needed to try it as well. I did and it had a nice texture. Since I am a meat eater I could tell it wasn't beef but it did give you the same texture as a burger. And my friend loved it. So I would buy it again to have for him so he feels apart of the group as well.
Smell Bad, Taste Great
This product is not an exact flavor match to beef burger patties but they do taste great. I would recommend going into it with an open mind instead of expecting a beef copy. I will say they do have an off putting smell while cooking and it does tend to linger so if that's something that bothers you I would avoid them.
I typically like to stay away from beef burgers because they gross me out so I always get meat alternatives. These are super delicious and doesn’t have that weird aftertaste others have.
Great meat alternative!
I love these burgers. I don't typically eat beef so I was really happy to find these. They are easy to cook and have great flavor. The texture is a little different from a regular burger but with great toppings it is not that noticeable. Highly recommend!
My daughters are vegetarian and we recently tried these burgers. They are so flavorful and juicy, it tastes like a beef burger. Amazing that a vegetarian product can taste like this. Everyone in my household, even the carnivores, loved them!
Um..... Thumbs Down
I'm a meat eater, but I got a coupon to try this so I gave it a whirl. First of all, it smells terrible when its cooking, It doesn't taste terrible but it doesn't taste like I would go buy it again. $6-$8 for 2 stinky non-meat burger patties is over priced especially when there is several non-meat better smelling and tasting lower priced options out there.
My Carnivore Husband Approves!
We started eating a more plant based diet when my husband's cholesterol numbers came back a little high. We tried these burgers and were VERY surprised at how much we like them. They are now a regular staple. We do change up the flavors with spices, etc., but we would do that with meat as well depending on the meal theme. We eat them on lavash bread to cut down on carbs as well. So good! We don't miss "real" burgers at all anymore. I also like the other products made byt his company (ground "meat", etc.) Highly recommend.
Healthy alternative
I did not think it was as good as some of the other plant-based burgers that I have tried. But will do when there is no other. I just added a lot of tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, etc.
Surprisingly Good
I am typically a meat eater, but with the right seasonings this actually tasted quite good! I do prefer meat, but this was a great change to my usual burger. I would eat again once in a while.
Pleasantly surprised!
I’m a picky eater and this was my first non-meat burger so I was very pleasantly surprised!! It tastes just like the real thing! The only thing I don’t like is how moist it is lol.
Almost the same
The beyond burger is good if you like a lot of condiments and extras on your burger. I am a little picky so it was a little dry for me, I did use it for tacos though and they were delicious.
great meat alternative
I bought these in order to reduce my meat consumption, and was pleasantly surprised how good they tasted! We cooked them on a pellet grill, the same way that we would with a beef burger. Even my significant other (who loves meat) said that he could not tell that it wasn't beef.

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