Beyond Burger™

4.3 5 0 260 260 The world''s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten. Find it in the meat aisle.
Beyond Burger™


My Carnivore Husband Approves!
We started eating a more plant based diet when my husband's cholesterol numbers came back a little high. We tried these burgers and were VERY surprised at how much we like them. They are now a regular staple. We do change up the flavors with spices, etc., but we would do that with meat as well depending on the meal theme. We eat them on lavash bread to cut down on carbs as well. So good! We don't miss "real" burgers at all anymore. I also like the other products made byt his company (ground "meat", etc.) Highly recommend.
Healthy alternative
I did not think it was as good as some of the other plant-based burgers that I have tried. But will do when there is no other. I just added a lot of tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, etc.
Surprisingly Good
I am typically a meat eater, but with the right seasonings this actually tasted quite good! I do prefer meat, but this was a great change to my usual burger. I would eat again once in a while.
Pleasantly surprised!
I’m a picky eater and this was my first non-meat burger so I was very pleasantly surprised!! It tastes just like the real thing! The only thing I don’t like is how moist it is lol.
Almost the same
The beyond burger is good if you like a lot of condiments and extras on your burger. I am a little picky so it was a little dry for me, I did use it for tacos though and they were delicious.
great meat alternative
I bought these in order to reduce my meat consumption, and was pleasantly surprised how good they tasted! We cooked them on a pellet grill, the same way that we would with a beef burger. Even my significant other (who loves meat) said that he could not tell that it wasn't beef.
Vegan Boyfriend approved
I’ve purchased many plant based burgers for my boyfriend who is a vegan & many he ate without much enthusiasm. These Beyond Burhers he loved. He said they were the closest tasting to a real burger. I even bought the ground Beyond beef to make meatloaf & meatballs!
Nice change to add to our family meals
My Children asked me to try the Beyond Burger, it was nice, my kids loved it more than me. I am not a Beef person, I prefer seafood, poultry, but not bad as a change of pace in our meals. We want to add more plant based foods so this will be purchased again.
Pretty close to the real thing!
I wasn’t sure what to expect with this but it actually was pretty good. The color and flavor were similar to real meat. It smelled differently when being cooked but if you are a vegetarian and missing your meat, this would be for you.
I like this meatless brand the best
I season these just like regular burgers, and they taste delicious. I stopped eating meat years back and found a few different brands of meatless products. These are the best
ITS NOT TO BAD IT JUST HAS A AFTER TASTE TO ME . Everyone should try it but
Plants who
I was very surprised that this taste good I first ride the Whopper at Burger King then decided to try it on my own from the store and I must say I have replaced regular ground beef
Made Me Very Sick
I tried this and was hoping that this would taste good at least, but it didn't. It made me very sick to the point of where I thought I was going to die. Not sure why but it made me very ill
Taste just like meat
These taste exactly like real thing except you can feel good about eating them! I tricked my boyfriend into eating these and he said it was on the best burgers he’s ever had! I would highly recommend these for a meatless monday
Was surprised!
I typically do not eat meat substitutes but decided to give Beyond Meat a try when I received a coupon. I was very much surprised. Does it taste like a real beef burger... the answer us that it's really close. I would say the closest plant-based burger I have ever tried that tasted like real beef. My kids didnt even notice the difference! Love these and will buy more!

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