Beyond Burger™

4.3 5 0 279 279 The world''s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten. Find it in the meat aisle.
Beyond Burger™


I’ve tried other similar nonmeat
I’ve tried other nonmeat burgers and this was good! It took awhile to cook like a thick meat burger. I like the high protein content and that the texture is meatier. I don’t think you could fool anyone to thinking it’s real meat, but it’s a good heart healthy option.
Great vegan burger
This patty is very easy to cook and tastes great compared to other vegan burgers. It looks and tastes almost like ground beef. The patties could stand to be bigger. I would recommend these.
Makes me not miss meat
I’m trying to reduce my consumption of red meat for various reasons, and have tried and failed countless times to find a viable substitute for my beloved burger. I had tried more than a few veggie burgers brands and was almost always left unsatisfied. Until I tried Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger. So good AND juicy. Tasted like meat and that is saying a lot. Very impressed and happy to have finally found a delicious meat substitute.
Good Burger
A very good burger for sure! I was surprised at how much like meat these patties taste! I will definitely be buying these again! Even my husband ate it and he usually does not like anything that says plant-based!
Great tasting
We finally tried this product out and will definitely be purchasing again. Very tasty and we went one step further; instead of using bread, we used lettuce as the roll. Taste great with or without cheese.
Not a fan
I am all for trying meat alternatives, as I have significantly cut my consumption of it, this however was not good. I found the mimicking of actual cooked beef odd, the 'blood' cooking off just gave me a weird feeling. I am choosing a meat replacement for a reason, I don't need the theatrics of cooking beef to make me want to eat it. The flavor was very strange. I was able to eat a whole patty, but I will not buy these again. I also didn't like how thick the patties were.
Delicious! But greasy.
These are very good! The first time I had it I couldn't even tell that it was not real burger meat. They're convenient and quick to make, which I love. The only problem is that they're very greasy. You can see the oil just dripping out when you cook them. Still would recommend though.
A great tasting burger.
Delicious. Would not even know its plant based. Taste just like a real hamburger. No after taste either. Not greasy at all. My family lovrdnit
Very Good
My daughter is vegan this is her go to burgers. I actually like them as well. Pricey but you get what you pay for.
Beyond Burger
As a vegetarian plant-based diets have been linked to a variety of health benefits, including a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. However, it’s important to note that not all plant-based foods are equally beneficial like beyond burgers has 350 grams of sodium for just one burger and the smell is horrible
Worth a try.
I can't tell this in not meat and the protion is filling . Definitely recommend it for those trying to cut back on red meat.
I tried this and the Impossible Burger at a food tasting and the Beyond Burger you can't even tell that its NOT beef! It is so GOOD you MUST try it !
Planted based burgers taste great. I started eating plant based at the beginning of the year and I love these highly recommend them
Beyond Burger
I had a get together and I have a friend who is not a meat eater, most of us are. I always want people to have a good time and enjoy themselves. So I bought this for my friend and added my normal seasoning to it and cooked it up like I would a normal burger. Since I was going to be serving it I knew I needed to try it as well. I did and it had a nice texture. Since I am a meat eater I could tell it wasn't beef but it did give you the same texture as a burger. And my friend loved it. So I would buy it again to have for him so he feels apart of the group as well.
Smell Bad, Taste Great
This product is not an exact flavor match to beef burger patties but they do taste great. I would recommend going into it with an open mind instead of expecting a beef copy. I will say they do have an off putting smell while cooking and it does tend to linger so if that's something that bothers you I would avoid them.

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