Beyond Burger™

4.3 5 0 279 279 The world''s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten. Find it in the meat aisle.
Beyond Burger™


Plants who
I was very surprised that this taste good I first ride the Whopper at Burger King then decided to try it on my own from the store and I must say I have replaced regular ground beef
Made Me Very Sick
I tried this and was hoping that this would taste good at least, but it didn't. It made me very sick to the point of where I thought I was going to die. Not sure why but it made me very ill
Taste just like meat
These taste exactly like real thing except you can feel good about eating them! I tricked my boyfriend into eating these and he said it was on the best burgers he’s ever had! I would highly recommend these for a meatless monday
Was surprised!
I typically do not eat meat substitutes but decided to give Beyond Meat a try when I received a coupon. I was very much surprised. Does it taste like a real beef burger... the answer us that it's really close. I would say the closest plant-based burger I have ever tried that tasted like real beef. My kids didnt even notice the difference! Love these and will buy more!
Plant based eating
I was anxious to try "Beyond Burger" which was expensive . Pan fried them they appeared so much like real meat and tasted very juicy and red inside like a medium done burger. I enjoyed them and may try again when on sale.
Beyond meat
This meat was great made burger with it meatballs meatloaf sloppy Joe's chili
Only burger my husband will eat
We tried these, my husband flipped. Regular burger hurts his stomach. He now can have a burger and not feel sick.
Not bad at all
Most fake meat products I find to be inedible but this one surprised me. I prepared them the same way I make real hamburgers and the only thing I didn’t like was that the burgers were a little crumbly so they kind of fell apart but besides that, they tasted great, better than I expected them to and very similar to real meat minus the guilt of eating something with a face.
It’s ok
If you like the taste of meat without the actual meat this is for you. The texture was great, just the taste I didn’t like.. even after adding my seasoning to it.
love it
Healthy Burger
The first time I tried Beyond Burgers was at a fast food restaurant. It was great! When I bought them at the grocery store, I expected to see nonorganic soy among the ingredients, but it is not! If you are trying to break your unhealthy burger habit, this is a great option.
Can't believe it's not beef
I came home from work and my husband had delicious hamburgers waiting for us. As I devoured mine he told me it wasn't beef. It was plant based. I almost fell off my chair. I couldn't tell and if he told me at first, I'd never have tried it. I'm so glad I did. Yummy 😋
Veggie Burgers
My son started eating whole plant based a few months ago. He has tried these a few times and likes them. He only eats them as a treat because he tries not to eat process food.
First time trying
The beyond burger is a veggie burger and it taste alright. Im sure if i eat it a couple of more times it will be great. I ate it plain being i try not to eat with alot of condiments. It has no Gmos, soy or Gluten in it but they have added salt and stabilizers. They're a bit on the expensive side for 2 burgers but worth a try if you are looking to try meat alternative or just want something different .
Next best thing to Real Bugers
My daughter can't eat real meat so everything has to be plant based and of all the ones we have tried these are her favorite. She says they are the closest she can get to burgers when the rest of the family eats hamburgers.

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