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Biore Cleansing Micellar Water with Charcoal
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Great Makeup Remover
Love this stuff! Works better than the makeup remover clothes, I’ve used this stuff for removing eyeliner and hunting face paint. Gets it all off without smudging it all over my face so I don’t look like I have black eyes. Leaves my face clean and refreshed. Received sample from Pinchme.
Best cleanser yet
I am absolutely in love with this cleanser. The way that it cleans my face gives me a smooth feel. Absolutely love
I really enjoy using this product as a cleanser when I don’t want the harsh cleansing feel. I also use this at night when I need some extra help with my oilyness. I have combination skin and sometimes I get really oily so I use Biore Charcoal Cleansing Micellar Water because of the charcoal to help calm it down. It’s not as harsh on your skin as an astringent is, but it cleans just as well. I didn’t mind the fragrance at all, but if you lick your lips after cleansing around them, it is a tough taste.
Not my favorite.
I didn't care for thismainly due to the smell. I think it had quite a odd smell to it that lingered for a while. I also did not see any improvements in my skin. I think there are better ones out there.
This product is great it works well and get my pores really clean.i can tell how my face feels after CV using it it's nice and refreshing I love using it I use it daily I would recommend it to anyone
Pretty good
It's a really good cleanser. Makes my face feel very clean but a little dried out (all cleansers do though). I have very sensitive skin and it doesn't bother me at all.
This Micellar Water is great for cleansing the skin. It’s better than using cleansing wipes and has better effects. Bioré has great products and this is no different.
This plus a microfiber wash cloth = perfect
On it's own the Bioré Charcoal Micellar Water works great and gets almost everything off of my face. If you use it on a microfiber wash cloth it gets all makeup off. I noticed on their website though it says "No Rub, No Rinse, No Residue" and I don't feel this is very accurate when you are using it as a makeup remover. If I didn't rinse it off it would allow the micellar water (which is fine) and foundation residue (not okay) to soak right back into my skin. If they clarified the no rinse when using as a makeup remover I would give this 5 stars as a product itself.
Works well!
I really like this product. It leaves me feeling very clean. It does leave my face very dry but with a good moisturizer it's ok.
So clean I squeak!
I had never tried anything with charcoal in it, but I recieved a sample of this and thought ok let's do this! This product is amazing, I like the way it washes the day away and the makeup when I do wear it! My skin felt so clean, all I could think of was plastic containers...so clean they squeak!!!
This is one of my favorite Biore products. Love anything with charcoal but this one is great
Cleans Better Than Anything
I Love This Product!!! Nothing Cleans Better or Deeper Down Than This Product. I Loved the Clean So Much I Used it on My Entire Body, I've Never Felt So Clean. Its Amazing
Great cleanser
I've used this product regularly for about a year now, continually buying new bottles when I run out. It cleans my face SO well and makes me feel smooth and clean. I don't even want to try other products.
Wipes away makeup
This is by far one of my favorite micellar water this effortlessly wipes away makeup in one wipe you don't have to apply pressure to get rid of all the makeup. I uses this as a daily cleanser to help with my acne and it works perfectly
In love
I absolutely love this product. It removes my makeup with ease. It doesn't take a lot of product either.

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