Biore Cleansing Micellar Water with Charcoal

4.6 5 0 297 297 Specially formulated for oily skin, it delivers an all-in-one clean, refreshed face anytime, anywhere.
Biore Cleansing Micellar Water with Charcoal


Must have product
I absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products and services. These are the perfect little things to have around your house.
Great Brand
This is an effective product. It has a light pleasant scent. It’s easy to apply onto My face. This helps reduce facial acne. My face looks clearer after one week. I would definitely recommend this product.
Removes excess oil pretty well but not much better than other types. Removes most of my makeup, but not all.
Tempting but disappointing
I was curious about this cleanser with charcoal and micellar water and gave it a try but I couldn't see any difference in my oily acne-prone skin.
Don't love it
I wanted to love this micellar water, but I don't feel like it did anything for my (oily) skin. There are far better options at the drugstore - this one just didn't do it for me.
My friend used it and loved it!
This was my friends go to and the charcoal was a great ingredient!
Top 5 Make-up Remover
This is one of my favorite make-up removers! It leaves my skin feeling nice and clean without feeling dry or greasy, which is hard to come by. The charcoal has a nice cooling effect that I find quite refreshing. I will definitely keep buying this product!
Great bang for your buck! Cleans and removes makeup. Leaves skin soft and clean
Helps with getting off any sort of makeup. Easy sample at dollar tree if you can find it. Definitely recommend.
Makeup remover --it's okay
Bought the Biore with charcoal as an experiment. It was okay. Did dry my skin a little. It removed most of my makeup. For the cost and result it was just okay. I have liked other Biore products better.
Removes makeup like a charm!
I bought this Biore Cleansing Micellar Water with Charcoal in a travel sized bottle amd instantly fell in love with it! It removes my makeup so well and feels so gentle on my skin. I can't believe i went so long without trying micellar water to remove my makeup! Such a great skincare product and it keeps my skin looking vibrant and fresh looking.
I would not recommend this to others because it is very harsh for being used on the face. The charcoal is very drying and I would not recommend this to people with skin that is prone to be dry or is sensitive to harsh chemicals.
great cleanser
I hadn't ever heard of this until I got a free sample. I love how easily it removes dirt and oil without leaving your face feeling greasy or sticky. It removed dirt that my other cleansers have left behind.
Removes dirt and oils with ease
This product doesn't have as strong of a scent as their other cleaner products and doesn't linger on the skin, which I like. I could see the dirt being removed and it was quick and easy. Very convenient that this doesn't have to be rinsed off.
Great for a quick fix!
This is wonderful for when you get home and just HAVE to get your makeup off quickly! I still recommend a full cleansing and toner before bed, but for a remarkably good quick fix, this is FANTASTIC!

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