4.6 5 0 229 229 Specially formulated for oily skin, it delivers an all-in-one clean, refreshed face anytime, anywhere.
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I love Biore! This is amazing cleanser, I’m always in search for new cleanser for my face and this totally surprised me! It’s affordable, works well, not oily and works perfectly on my face and I have prett sensitive skin. I’d recommend it!
Does the job.
Bought this because I'm a big fan of charcoal products. It definitely does the job by removing make up and making my face feel clean. I like that it doesn't leave my face feeling greasy but I don't like that it does dry my face just a little bit. Definitely need to apply moisturizer after using this.
Micellar water
I normally use this as a makeup remover and facial cleanser . I apply the micellar water on a cotton pad and apply it gently , in rubbing motions , to the areas I want removed . I noticed that the micellar water took the makeup off quickly without a trace . After using this product , I conclude it works wonders
Quality Micellar Water!
Overall, this product does the job it is expected to and it does it very well. It also does not leave any greasy residue on my face after cleaning. I would recommend this product because it is effective and does its job.
I have oily skin still at the age of 50...I love how this makes my skin feel so fresh and clean.
Love! Love! Love!
I love this product! I tried it once on a whim and I fell in love with it! I have incredibly oily skin and ever since I tried this and added it to my skincare routine, it has drastically diminished the amount of oil and how often the oil appears! All of that WITHOUT drying my skin!
It's very gentil on my skin, I have sensitive skin an dry to combination,it works like a charm!
Love this!
Love this product! Feels minty and refreshing on face !
Pretty good
I received this as a sample a few months ago and This product did a pretty good job removing makeup and I was pretty impressed with how it left my face feeling.
Great on skin
Makes skin smooth and smells great, cleans skin very well.
Totally clean face
I just love this stuff, it works so well. My son is a pre-teen, he and has less breakout since using this product. It leaves you face feeling fresh and cleaning. And safe on sensitive skin.
Works Like a Charm
I absolutely adore this stuff! All I do is put a little bit of this on a cotton pad and hold on my eye for a few seconds to "soak" and my eye makeup comes right off, including stubborn mascara. It smells amazing and a little bit goes a long way. I got a little sample bottle and it has lasted me a very long time. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to try a makeup remover. It isn't greasy, which is a big pet peeve of mine when it comes to makeup remover.
I absolutely adore this product! I've been trying it out for the past week and it's done everything it's promised. It took off all of my makeup with just a few drops and it cleaned my face. My skin is also clearer than before I started using this water! Even though I believe it works, it still leaves a weird sticky feeling when it dries, and I would probably not recommend replacing a cleanser with this.
It okay
It left my face feeling smooth but honestly didn’t really do much besides that. It does feel very warm on the face specially the more you rub it into your face . It did help with helping the oily feeling and appearance but besides that it’s like any other product in my opinion.
Quality Toner
Biore Micellar Water is great for removing makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth.

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