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Biore Cleansing Micellar Water with Charcoal
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Biore charcoal micellar water
This product is the best! It works so well to remove makeup, then will leave your skin refreshed! A con would probably be that it has a very strong smell, the smell is not chemically but smells like a swiffer 🥲
Love this product
Is gentle, has a light and refreshing smell, and leaves my skin feeling soft and looking clear.
I liked this. It did the job that I needed it to but it was not my favorite. I got this as a sample from a different thing. I love micellar water but I just like Simple better than this personally.
Charcoal face stuff
I use this brand a lot and their products are super good, even their name sounds fancy. The good thing about this product is that it leaves your face refreshing. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. Just remember everyone’s Face is different
Black out
One of my favorite face products and iv tried many and many but this one is the top one
Product is Amazing
I purchased this product off of Amazon.com and let me tell you, It is amazing. Perfect for sensitive skin, cleans my pores, and leaves my skin feeling nice and fresh. I would totally recommend this product to anyone. A must have for total care of your face and neck.
Affordable... and made my skin very soft after using . Really enjoyed it
Awesome face wash
I purchase this for me and my teenage daughters we all like it better than any others we have tried in the past. No improvement needed.
Works great
This product works great. It really cleans away the make up left by my cleanser.
Это то что я искала
Теперь это мое любимое средство для умывания.Очищает до скрипта,макияж смывается великолепно, не стягивает кожу. Взбивается в мягкую пену. Буду покупать снова и снова.Эио должно быть у меня всегда.
A staple on my beauty routine
Have you ever felt like even thought you washed your face it’s still not clean? This is exactly what saves me from that feeling! It removes make up and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I honestly do not care for the smell, it isn’t a bad smell but just not my preference and that’s why I deducted a star. Definitely give it a try, you will love it.
A beauty must-have
I love this product. I have to have this in my beauty arsenal at all times. It's so effective in getting your entire day off your face&leaves it so soft. It also helps with oily skin without drying your skin. This is one product everyone needs to try.
Great cleanser
Using this stuff my face feels so soft and clean afterwards! It smells great and lifts away all the nasty from the day! I just wish it was a little cheaper. Kind of expensive. I would recommend this though!
great cleanser but cheap
I prefer to have some exfoliating scrub in a charcoal cleanser. This does not exfoliate, but it is a good cleanser.
Biore review
I enjoyed using this charcoal product. I felt my skin was cleaner and had a softness to it after. I bought more after I used it because it goes by fast in my house. I recommend it to my friend because we both have oily skin.

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