Biore Cleansing Micellar Water with Charcoal

4.6 5 0 290 290 Specially formulated for oily skin, it delivers an all-in-one clean, refreshed face anytime, anywhere.
Biore Cleansing Micellar Water with Charcoal


Great bang for your buck! Cleans and removes makeup. Leaves skin soft and clean
Helps with getting off any sort of makeup. Easy sample at dollar tree if you can find it. Definitely recommend.
Makeup remover --it's okay
Bought the Biore with charcoal as an experiment. It was okay. Did dry my skin a little. It removed most of my makeup. For the cost and result it was just okay. I have liked other Biore products better.
Removes makeup like a charm!
I bought this Biore Cleansing Micellar Water with Charcoal in a travel sized bottle amd instantly fell in love with it! It removes my makeup so well and feels so gentle on my skin. I can't believe i went so long without trying micellar water to remove my makeup! Such a great skincare product and it keeps my skin looking vibrant and fresh looking.
I would not recommend this to others because it is very harsh for being used on the face. The charcoal is very drying and I would not recommend this to people with skin that is prone to be dry or is sensitive to harsh chemicals.
great cleanser
I hadn't ever heard of this until I got a free sample. I love how easily it removes dirt and oil without leaving your face feeling greasy or sticky. It removed dirt that my other cleansers have left behind.
Removes dirt and oils with ease
This product doesn't have as strong of a scent as their other cleaner products and doesn't linger on the skin, which I like. I could see the dirt being removed and it was quick and easy. Very convenient that this doesn't have to be rinsed off.
Great for a quick fix!
This is wonderful for when you get home and just HAVE to get your makeup off quickly! I still recommend a full cleansing and toner before bed, but for a remarkably good quick fix, this is FANTASTIC!
A good micellar water with charcoal thatclean face and melt away makeup and other polluted from skin
5 star absolutely!!
I received a samole of this in a walmart beauty box, and im impressed! I dont know alot about miscelear water, but its said its for cleaning the skin?? To me it feels a bit oily, so i use it to remove makeup. And i like it!
I use this daily to get my makeup off. It does an amazing job. You don’t have to scrub and it really cleans the skin. My face always feels so fresh and clean after using this product.
cleans and removes makeup
I love this stuff to clean my face at the end of the day. It easily removes my makeup and cleanses my skin in one step. It's oil free so doesn't leave my skin feeling gross right before bed. Works wonderfully on my sensitive skin without drying it out or making it too oily.
Love this!!! I would never go back to any other face wash! My entire family uses this! Love the way it makes your face feel after you use it. It’s a deep down clean leaving you feeling fresh
Fresh burst of clean
I absolutely love this charcoal cleaner and it smells amazing. You can feel the tingle and cool refreshing burst as soon as you start washing. I would absolutely recommend trying this as a daily fave was if you are struggling to fond one for you or even your teen child. I have tried this on my 13 year old and she also loves that it is keeping her hormonal acne at bay.
Face feels great after using this
I received a 2.5 fl oz sample is a sample box I subscribe to. I does very well removing makeup and cleaning your face. Leaves my face feeling fresh. I have received a few Biore samples over the past year and enjoy using their products. Will be purchasing in the future. Has a slight scent to product but no overwhelming.

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