4.8 5 0 55 55 Weightless balancing facial oil with the power of tea tree to help reduce the appearance of blemishes, enlarged pores and other imperfections.
Biossance™ Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil
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If you own any facial oil...
Biossance is a brand that I can really get behind; they have excellent skincare that is free from things that can irritate skin. This oil isn't greasy; it absorbs thoroughly, it's very lightweight, and doesn't leave behind a residue. This one is great under makeup.
Great Face Oil
I really love the Biossance Balancing Tea Tree oil. I get the occasional breakout still at 39 which dosent seem fair, lol. I've used their face wash and face mask also in this line amd the 3 products together will clear a small breakout in just a couple of days for me! I think people with combination and oily skin steer clear of face oils (like I use too) but they do wonders for your skin! I love that this is also a clean beauty product!
This is really nice on the skin. It doesn’t hurt or irritate the skin. It did help with some of my acne scars. Tea tree products are great!
I received a sample in a sub box. Loved it and it worked great at soothing and healing inflamed cystic acne. Wish I had a bigger bottle to see more long term effects.
not to bad
I really didnt have a negative outcome with it. I love products with tea tree oil in them, there are so many benefits of tea tree oil. its the strong smell that bothers me.
Biossance™ Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oi
Tree Tea is a very healing essential oil. I like to use this product not only on my face, but on my neck and hands as well. Although pricy, I feel it is worth the investment.
Pretty good
This product is really good for acne. I’m not a fan of oils but it did help clear some of it up
Im obsessed with this product this will be one of your repurchases! My skins has been so soft and smooth since using this. There barely any pimples either. I love it.
Great oil
I just don’t like the smell of tea tree oil, so that’s why I lowered my stars
Tea tree oil
The smell was really potent and it was very oily. With my skin type I don’t think this was the right fit .
Love this brand
This oil works amazing. Does not dry out or irratate my sensitive skin. Clears any blemishs that start to appear before they come out.
Expensive but worth it
This oil I loved loved how it left my skin, its pricey but worth every penny.
I love bioscience
Yes yes it's great and healing to the skin and moisturizing it's a oil so expect oilness but absorbs pretty amazingly
Love it!
I absolutely love this tea tree oil I put it over any blemishes I have at night and by morning they look so much better I’ve used tea tree oil for a variety of things and have always been so happy with the results definitely my go too that works wonders for my skin
Tea tree oil
I love tea tree oil because you can use it for many things. For me when I would get a rash on my scar and I know there is many things it's used for. I highly recommend this product to my friends and I told them to try it

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