Blistex Lip Medex Analgesic Lip Protectant

5 5 0 39 39 Blistex Lip Medex provides quick cooling lip relief you can feel working. Lip Medex also helps to restore a healthy moisture balance to lips.
Blistex Lip Medex Analgesic Lip Protectant


This is the best
I've used Blistex for years because it really is the best especially in the winter time when my lips get absolutely wrecked due to the cold air. Definitely recommend.
Lip protection
I am a huge fan of blistex lips. They moisturize and assist in the healing of very dry lips
I have not gotten this from HomeTester. But I’ve been a Blister fan for years. This is my favorite go to Lip cream for my dry chapped lips. I haven't found anything better than Blistex.
This is my go to chapstick during the winter months when everything gets super dry. It is incredibly soothing and helps prevent irritation and cracking of the lips like no other!
Works great
This is one of my holy grail products. I’ve used it since I was a little girl. I have to put this on as soon as I wake up in the morning every night before bedtime. This is the only thing that really hydrates my dry peeling lips. I love the minty cool feeling it gives. I recommend this to everyone.
Cooling Lip Releif
This product is nice for healing chapped lips and has a cooling feel when applied...some may not like the cooling effect....the smell is kinda strong at first ....but overall I would recommend this product!
This actually works
I struggled with intense dry lips and could not find anything that worked. This product actually works, it leaves my lips soothed and I also really do like how it smells. This is my new go to
Amazing Relief
This ointment is amazing! I recently had a bad sunburn, including my lips. This stuff made my lips feel sooo much better. Definitely keeping it on hand. I highly recommend it to everyone
Perfect Size
I like to purchase a few of these and put back. It may be Summer but Winter will arrive. I use after I have been outside for a long time in the sun/wind. After boating too. I would reccomend.
This is my go to product when doing outdoor activities. It keeps my lips moist and does not feel greasy.
Heals fast. Didn't transfer on my cup like most do. I would buy again for sorry. My son likes it alot and uses it everyday
keep your lips silky soft & moisturized
Blistex keeps your lips moisurized and protects them from the hot or cold elements.
Blistex Lip Medex
This is the Absolute BEST product! I haven't used anything else in years! Keeps my lips soft and moist. Heals chapped lips quickly. I tell people about this stuff all the time. I HIGHLY recommend you try it, you won't be disappointed!
Lip protectant
I wear it every day, almost all the time with or without makeup. Cooling relief my lips. Blistex lip Medea is the best option. My lips are so soft after exfoliate.It has a nice cooling feeling on sore lips.
Blistex lip Medix
I have used this lip ointment for years. I use it almost every day because it keeps my lips soft and healthy. I don’t get cracked or broken lips even in the winter because this Blistex takes care of my lips.

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