Blue Diamond Almonds XTREMES Flavored Cayenne Pepper 6 Ounce

4.4 5 0 62 62 For the classic heat rush, try XTREMES Cayenne Pepper Flavored Snack Almonds. Cayenne peppers are a staple of hearty and spicy cuisine from around the world and will kick your snack time up a notch. Get the fiery flavor rush all on a superfood snack nut. <li>Contains 1 - 6 ounce can of Blue Diamond XTREMES Cayenne Pepper Flavored almonds </li> <li>Cayenne Pepper flavored snack almonds: not for the faint of tounge</li> <li>Made with real Cayenne chili peppers to kick snack time up a notch</li> <li>Non-GMO Project Verified, Keto-Friendly Certified, Kosher Parve Certified</li> <li>XTREMES: The Super Spicy Superfood* *28 almonds have 5g plant protein and are an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin E and a good source Magnesium. </li>
Blue Diamond Almonds XTREMES Flavored Cayenne Pepper 6 Ounce


So hot! Almost too spicy to enjoy really. These have a great flavor underneath all the heat though...
Love a great tasting flavored Almond and Blue Diamond Xtremes Cayenne Pepper in one of them. I was afraid it would be too spicy where you could not taste the actual Almond, however you still taste the Almond. Will be purchasing again.
Pretty good
These were pretty good. Not too hot but had a good kick.
Could be hotter
This is fantastic. They aren't as hot as Carolina Reaper, though. There's a lot of heat in the back end. The flavor is peppery and delicious. There isn't a lot of smoky taste. I enjoy them, but they don't seem to be as hot as the name suggests. These would be amazing if they added a little extra reaper powder. When you had three levels of extreme nuts, you'd think they'd make sure the hottest version was genuinely hot. These have a nice flavor, but I'm craving a little more fire. I'll buy them again because of the low price compared to other spicy nuts, and I'll just add some extra spice to them myself.
It's ok
I they are OK. I don't like plain, so I try out a new flavor when I can. If they say it's cayenne, I have to believe them. I could not really taste the heat or the flavor, but they didn't taste plain.
A little to hot/spucy for me, but husband loved them! Over all good!
I bought these and tried them back in February and I still have them. I bought them thinking they would be good and hot but they were not hot enough and I choked on the powder.
My new favorite snack food great taste lots of heat like cayenne should be. Satisfied my snack craving healthier than chips. Don’t change anything
Never a Dull Nut With Blue Diamond
While they already have a full slate of great flavors Blue Diamond regularly tries out new flavors and this one is an absolute bullseye! If you like a bit of spice with your snacks this one is sure to please your palate, and best of luck not finishing the whole thing in one shot. Give them one try and you'll be hooked!
Blue Diamond nuts
They are so good especially when u have guest and having a drink it blends in real good!
Best of the Bunch
I have tried all three of the new extreme spice flavors and this was my favorite by far! Great flavor. Not too spicy. REALLY great to snack on when you need a salt & protein boost. I have a container of these currently in my office desk snack drawer!!!
Need for spice
These were good but not hot enough for me. I would rate five stars if they would have more heat. I love the convenience and the ease I just need more fire.
I found these at Walmart! My kids love them!! Too hot for me! But if you can handle the hot. Go get u some they are really good! My boys love these almonds!
I think the product did not have enough spice taste
The name says it all
These are exactly as they claim! They are so good and flavorful! Would recommend them to anyone who loves heat with their food.

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