4.4 5 0 489 489 These delicious O’s are inspired by the fresh taste of blueberry. Blueberry Cheerios are made for cereal lovers to enjoy in a variety of ways: with milk at the breakfast table, hand-held for a tasty after-school snack, or as an ingredient in trail mix or another favorite recipe.
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I love these cheerios! So good and not as sweet as I expected them to be prior to trying it.
Yummy Deliciousness!
The title is the words of my 12-year-old when she saw these and tried them for the first time. My kids love their Cheerios and enjoy trying the new flavors when they come out. Bought these and they were gone in 2 days. They begged me to buy more! If that isn't a 5-star review, nothing is!
Great Flavor
I recently purchased these for my two toddlers as another option for breakfast. They both very much enjoyed the blueberry flavor the cereal had. I would definitely recommend these to my fellow mom friends.
I have been a fan of Cheerios it seems like forever. I've tried the different varieties, the blueberry is very good it satisfies my sweet tooth along with the crunch factor. I will continue to be Cheerios fan, now a have another go to flavor
I like Blueberry Cheerios!
Blueberry Cheerios is another great flavor from General Mills. I really do like this one. My milk turned slightly purple from the flavoring and color? I didn't mind because I added two handfuls of fresh blueberries after that! They taste good, just like Cheerios with slight blueberry flavor. I will buy these again and add it to my rotation of the many flavors that Cheerios come in
These were a spur of the moment buy. I was surprised at how good they were. Great for breakfast or for a snack.
Not for me.
I am a big cereal person. I bought this thinking hey something new to try. I was not impressed. It didn't really have a blueberry test to me. I know not everyone's taste buds are the same, but this isn't something I will buy again unfortunately.
Grandson loves them
Have always been a fan of Cheerios, esp for kids... whether​eating them, or of course teaching-trying to teach boys good aim w the potty training years. Of course I feel like they never master that AIM! Anyways, gave them to my grandson to try, 15m old now, he loves them better then reg Cheerios. He immediately goes to my cupboard to grab the "boo"(blue) box as soon as he comes in. I've tried them dry w him, and not bad at all. Actually taste like a sweetened cereal. Now I just can't wait to see if they change the water in the bowl to blue when it's potty training time!
Cheerios was always a great way to start breakfast, now that it comes in blueberry, I can't get enough. I like to eat these anytime during the day with or without milk. The taste is not overwhelming and it isn't too sweet.
Different Taste
Different Taste.A good choice if you love Cheerios.
They were in need of a little pizazz for me and lemon sounded amazing! Ive added lemon cookies and crumbled lemon donut and it was phenomenal.
Much better than expected
I tried this with some trepidation. Most blueberry flavored products are so artificially flavored that they leave a nasty aftertaste. This was not bad and was a change from the multi-gran ones I usually eat. I would buy them again.
Highly impressed. I’m a Cheerios fanatic. Only one I have not tried is the peach which just came out. My granddaughter loves them as well
Just OK
the flavor was just OK, not much like blueberry's in my opinion but good enough to finish the box.
Sooo good
I’m preggo and these were a first trimester craving. They are so good and a healthy snack with or without milk. I really enjoy them hope they stay around for good !

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