4.3 5 0 58 58 These delicious O’s are inspired by the fresh taste of blueberry. Blueberry Cheerios are made for cereal lovers to enjoy in a variety of ways: with milk at the breakfast table, hand-held for a tasty after-school snack, or as an ingredient in trail mix or another favorite recipe.
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The cereal actually left me surprised, I thought it would be over sweet but it was just right.
Surprisingly Good!
I was a little skeptical at first, but these are really good. They have a nice real blueberry flavor that isn’t too strong. My little one has been enjoying them as a snack.
They taste great. My kids enjoy them as well. Can’t wait to go to Walmart to get some more
They are yummy I love them. Health food breakfast or snack wra with milk or just by the hand full.
Delicious and Nutritious!
These are so delicious. I really enjoyed the new flavor and the nutrition of cheerios. My children have been asking for these every morning!
I saw the store have new brand.
But I never taste of cereal and I tried the product. Someday I will buy it. I hope I try to taste if good or not taste. Let us know.
They were okay
I thought the were tasty but there were some problems. There is a lot of sugar in the cereal and it left my mouth dry. This may be the stores doing, but the boxes were damaged and bent out of shape. I would like there to be an improvement in the health area. But other wise, it was okay.
Taste Great
Taste Great! But as with any cereal there is alot of sugar in it.
My girls think they are yummy
I haven't personally ate these but I bought them for my girls to try, its not a cereal I offer daily for them buy I do give it at least 1-2 times a week... the reason I don't offer them too much is I try to limit and maintain their sugar intakes... these have sugar as a second ingredient and corn syrup added. I wish those weren't in there but the remaining ingredients and nutritional values seem great and there's actually blueberry puree in there and my girls really love the flavor and the fact that their milk turns blue.
Blueberry Cheerios are AWESOME!!! Of all the Cheerios flavors available~ these Blueberry are by far my fave!! You've gotta try this cereal!!!
Ok but not as good as honeynut
It was ok my 2 yr old liked it my 4 yr old hated it. I thought it was ok
Crunchy, light sweetness, and full of fibers!
Who doesn't like Cherrios? Crunchy, light sweetness, and full of fibers! Great breakfast product.
Yum Yum
My 3 year old absolutely loves these Cheerios. They are her favorite breakfast cereal and the moment. She even likes them as a snack.
Good, but not Great
I have two year old triplets who love blueberries and blueberry puffs. I was really hoping these Blueberry Cheerios would be a hit. Unfortunately they weren’t fans. I also tried them. The blueberry taste isn’t very authentic. They mostly are just sweet tasting. I wouldn’t buy them again because they just weren’t memorable enough.
Not that good
In my opinion the original is better than this flavored. I just like the honey taste over the blueberry. Some will feel differently.

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