4.4 5 0 502 502 These delicious O’s are inspired by the fresh taste of blueberry. Blueberry Cheerios are made for cereal lovers to enjoy in a variety of ways: with milk at the breakfast table, hand-held for a tasty after-school snack, or as an ingredient in trail mix or another favorite recipe.
Blueberry Cheerios
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These was good
I purchased these and they were good. Good blueberry flavor, but very artificial tasting. I could eat these without milk as a snack.
Yummy Blueberry Cereal
If you're a fan of blueberry flavor, this doesn't disappoint. The only reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is because I found that when I eat a big bowl, it loses some of the flavor towards the end of the bowl.
Blueberry cheerios
I was not super impressed with the taste of this product but it's still a great toddler snack.
Different but good
Cheerios and blueberries together? Yes please. I thought it was different because I usually get Honey Nut Cheerios so to me seemed too sweet for every day but definitely very tasty for weekends
Very good
What you would expect wholesome cereal great for kids and adults. Great flavor
Nice addition to flavor line up
Great flavor. My son loved them as a light snack. Nice change from the regular honey nut, cinnamon or original that we would normally purchase.
Blueberry cheerios
Love their peanut and chocolate cheerios along with their honey nut cheerios. So I thought I'd try their blueberry cheerios. Love them as well! Can't go wronget with Cheerios! Well done!
blueberry cheerios
very good I like the blueberry component in cheerios It adds the benefit of antioxidants to the cereal
So good!
I bought these for my family and everyone liked them except for my picky eater! They taste exactly like blueberry muffins to me. I would offer larger boxes, but they got the taste spot on!
Less than expected
This isn’t up to Cheerios usual high standard. The blueberry flavor is artificial.
Delicious Circles of Blueberry!
My husband and I were pleasantly surprised with how delicious this cereal was. One of our favorites now!
This cereal was surprisingly good. I was afraid it’d have an artificial taste to it, but it didn’t. It tasted very much like blueberries. My kids and I enjoyed it. I’ll be buying it again.
One of Cheerios new flavors
It began with Honey Nut, then Apple Cinnamon (loved) then came a wide selection of so many flavors it was overwhelming! As for this Blueberry I like so so. It i nothing remarkable and I may or may not buy it again. It was on special. That is why i bought it in the first place.
Not good in milk
They taste great dry and make a good snack but once milk is pour they lose their flavor.
Cheerios blue
Loved that it taste great and makes me feel like I am eating a healthy breakfast, dinner or snack

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