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Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk
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I was pretty surprised how well this tasted! Love that it is dairy free and has a lot of protein and calcium.
As a mother with a nursing baby that has a milk protein intolerance I have been looking for a new way to enjoy cereal again! I tried a bit with dinner then had a bowl of cereal for snack in the evening. The plant protein milk is a bit sweeter than I had expected but it was good! I plan on using this daily!
Love all bolthosue products and this is real good with coffee
rich,sweet,creamy and simply delicious! good wholesomeness!
this is great tasting alterative to reg milk. i love that its non dairy but it did not seem to last long in the refrigerator after it was opened. the chocolate one is great too.
Es muy buena esta leche,Ami niño le dolía el estómago con la leche y con esta está súper agusto
I really love this Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk since it has really fresh taste that is really high quality. It is also more natural and healthy with alot of protein to keep you going. I like that you can use it for drinking or in your cereal. It really have great great taste and flavor but also something that I feel good about using since it is more natural and healthy
Bolthouse is a wonderful brand and is never lacking on nutrition and taste. This milk is so much better than regular dairy milk or soy milk. It has a thick rich flavor without the fat or flavor additives that dairy or soy has.
I absolutely love the taste of this in coffee,makes it a great flavor you have to try
Bolthouse does it again! This is so good and healthy for you. Taste is very good .
Just found this gem! Yes gen, it works in everything from cooking, to smoothies and even in my morning cup of joe. I do love the smooth rich flavor and even drink it straight. My kids have now transitioned to it as well.
I have tried this and it tastes great alone, in oatmeal or to just make a smoothie. Its delish!!!
Goes great in coffee adding a hint of vanilla but not too much. Also good on plain cereals for the same reason.
Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk - perfection! The taste is so rich and delicious. The flavor is sweet, rich, and yummy. I recommend it to anyone who needs a non-dairy milk.
Goes good with tea, coffee or cereal and is very healthy for you and your entire family and tastes very good

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