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Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk
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Another healthy product from bolthouse farms that goes great in coffee and in my frappacino drinks and adds flavor to what ever you add it to
I'm very interested in trying this because I'm lactose intolerant and need more protein.
I have not tried this but would be very interested to switch to non dairy milk if the taste is good!
I haven’t tried this yet. But, I would love to sample this product. I love bolthouse and I’m trying plant based proteins.
I wouldn't drink this kind it's pretty much like drinking water I'm a fan of whole milk. . .
I haven’t tried this but it sure does look good I would love to try it with a cold cereal bowl for my breakfast
i live on protein, this milk would taste wonderful in my protein shakes. i cant believe it has 10 grams of protein in it
Bolthouse Farms make such great products this would be great for my lactose free kids to have, can you please send us some?
I haven't this this,but this from plant protein sounds like something that I will check into and maybe try this.
I am buying other Bolthhouse Farms products but I didn't know they have plant protein milk. I would like to try it.
I have not tried but would like to. Always looking for good tasting non dairy products that I'll enjoy.
I haven’t tried bolthouse farms plant protein milk in fact this is the first I’ve heard of it. My granddaughter is underweight I bet this would be a great milk for her to drink to help her gain some weight. Would love to try
My goodness vanilla my kids will love this,think it can be very pricey,but we love smoothe so decently this can work nice.
I am so excited about possibly trying this milk! Sounds perfect for my coffee!
Haven't tried it yet but I plan to. I like having different options especially when it's a healthy alternative.

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