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Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk
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I would love for my daughter yo try this.we are always looking for milk for her yo try to get her to drink it pleaseeee
Ooh. This looks interesting. I'm lactose intolerant and I'm always looking g for a great milk alternative. Would love to try this out to see of it will meet my needs.
Bolthouse drinks are already on point so their non dairy, plant based milk protein drink should also be on point. I can’t wait to get a sip.
I have not tried this product it would be nice to try this product
I have not tried this, but would love the opportunity !!!..
I'd want try this out so bad try something new like vanilla and chocolate they said it's a good product milk bolt man farms plant it soy milk the best I'd like try out on sample product in mail
Where are these sold? Looks like good stuff. Hoping to get some samples to try before I buy.
Plant based should be good for your stomach Need to try this
I haven't heard of this. I'm confused off top by plant milk? I thought milk came from cows? Or goats? How does one even begin to milk a plant?
No I didn't try out this product milk protein but look good tasty try out
Protein is what i need alot in my life. I had bariatric sleeve surgery.
Nodidnt try out this product but try it in strawberry milk is good taste even might like lime too great taste texture too it
I have tried Bolthouse product and loved them, so I would love to try their new milk.
I have not tried the Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Vanilla Milk. I am intolerant of cow milk so this sounds like something for me.
I know the brand Bolthouse, but I've never seen this product in the stores anywhere. I drink milk everyday and love vanilla, so this I would love to try.

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