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Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk
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I would love this because I do not drink milk and I could use this in my coffee and on cereal. Right now I am using a nut milk and I wouldlike to try something different.
I have not tried this,But I'm a team truck driver eith my husband, we used to haul out of Bolt house every week...from California or Arizona to florida,I love Bolt house healthy products.
My granddaughter does not like real milk sounds like a milk she might like would love to try
Sounds delicious! I have not tried this particular milk but would love too since I am an avid tea consumer. I must have milk or creamer in my tea.
No haven't tried Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk. Sounds like would be really good tasting. Would like to try.maybe wouldn't be so harsh on our stomachs
No way since when did they start making this I so love the juices had no idea they did this will look at our local grocery store and health food store for this. Or you can select me to try this and post a pic and a great review.
I would love to try. I have a hard time to find some thing new
This sounds pretty good. I wouldn't mind trying it.
I would absolutely to to try this product. I am a vegan that often overlooks protein, so this is right up in my alley! Very happy that many brands are releasing non diary milk. It is much better for you and also tastes a whole lot better.
I would love to try this and have looked for it at my local Wholefoods. Hoping to get it soon!
Sounds like an ideal milk for my daughter and I. My daughter is a vegetarian so can't wait for her to try it!
I would love to try this product since its not dairy. It would be amazing if I could try it with Folgers coffee that I want to try from the site. Could you please send me this product?
I have tried Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk. It's so sweet and rich... you'd think you were cheating...
Love bolthouse products and I’m sure this is a good one as well. Pls send! Trying to change life in every way possible. I found this website bc I can’t afford much right now I am looking for my 2nd part time job. Please send. Stomach growling thinking of a bowl of cereal lol tough luck
This sounds like a good way to get more protein into my diet. I don't eat much meat so that would be very good.

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