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Love bolthouse products and I’m sure this is a good one as well. Pls send! Trying to change life in every way possible. I found this website bc I can’t afford much right now I am looking for my 2nd part time job. Please send. Stomach growling thinking of a bowl of cereal lol tough luck
This sounds like a good way to get more protein into my diet. I don't eat much meat so that would be very good.
I love Bolthouse farm and there other juices are delicious and would love to taste milk. I love there juices.
I would love to try. I have a hard time to find some thing for my coffee.
I have a sickness where I can't drink regular milk so I would love to try this vanilla milk.to see if I like it.
Have you seen this on store shelves? How do you make milk from plants?
I would love to try that with my coffee that would taste great
I would love to try this in my cereal or even coffee!
This looks like it would be good milk to try. I usually drink almond milk or try other kinds of milk for healthier benefits and this one would be perfect.
I’m not a huge red meat eater but love my milk before bed. This would benefit me so much waiting for my trial sample
My son is vegan never heard of this milk he would love to try this
I'm always looking for something better than cows milk! Protein is something we all could use more of! Please do a at home test on this!
Yummmm. We love milk from plants not from cows. ❤️ Plant powered all the way!
i would love to try this i love vanilla in my coffee and in my cereal
I actually haven’t seen this in stores but would love to try. Always looking for healthier foods.

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