Brittle Topped Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes

4.8 5 0 54 54 <li> El decadente sabor a chocolate con leche cubierto quebradizo es lácteo certificado por KOSHER <li> Nuestras tortas de arroz se elaboran con arroz integral integral. Se ha demostrado que una dieta rica en cereales integrales reduce el riesgo de enfermedades crónicas. Los pasteles de arroz, crujientes, crujientes y bajos en calorías, son un refrigerio fácil de llevar a cualquier lugar o para preparar una comida en casa. <li> Disfrútelo solo o por encima con mantequilla de maní, mantequilla de almendras, plátanos o bayas para darle un toque extra dulce. <li> Nuestras tortas de arroz también son libres de gluten para personas con enfermedad celíaca o sensibilidad al gluten. Ahora todos pueden disfrutar de nuestro delicioso manjar bajo en calorías. La cantidad perfecta de crujiente, con una pizca de sal y la cantidad perfecta de chocolate para satisfacer a los golosos. <li> Ideal para picar o incluso convertir uno en una comida si está inspirado para ser creativo en la cocina. </li>
Brittle Topped Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes


I like these, they are an easy way to add interest to rice cakes - without having to add something else so they are great for in the go. I took away one star because I don't like the ingredients. So if anyone tries to be conscious of the ingredients there are a few things that might make you think twice. I won't buy them again for that reason. If I didn't care about that kind of thing I would definitely buy them again.
So nourshing
These are are super filling and I love that i get to still satisfy my chocolate craving!
Hits the spot
its a great sweet snack and works well when your doing a keto diet but you cant have to many, they are sort of hard to find and not always available at our local market, but great product all in all
Wow this rice cakes with cholesterol and this this crispy things on top are so good I just can’t stop eating them
These are so good!! Eat the whole pack
I cannot stress how good these are!! I think of it as a "healthy" snack, also it's probably not the healthiest. Still, it is better than most junky snacks and the ingredients are good ingredients. The chocolate on the rice cake is smooth and delicious and the brittle adds a really nice crunch.
Yum,too good to pass up
I love rice cakes when I need a lower calorie snack to just satisfy my need to crunch. This elevates it to a decadent treat. The perfect blend of chocolate and brittle, I cannot get enough. I will be buying again, and look for more from this brand. Thank you Liebers for making such a great treat. The rice cakes are whole grain brown rice for anyone who might wonder.
Delicious 😋
I love these rice cakes. They are drizzled with chocolate. I have a thing for chocolate. Reasonable price!! Add peanut butter or another nut butter for a nutritious snack! For everyone
My guilty pleasure
I am in love with these rice cakes! As a person who completely loves chocolate but is trying to stay on healthy side, these rice cakes are my go to snack. They taste so amazing and crunchy . These are my go to snacks when I am in the mood for something sweet and doesn’t make me feel guilty .
I have always eaten rice cakes. My kids wouldn't go near them. I have to hide these! The kids don't even know they are eating healthy. I would recommend to parents who want to feed the kids healthier snacks.
I was totally surprised by the taste of this. It’s light and airy. I would definitely recommend this for a light snack. It definitely met my expectations and made me very satisfied.
Best rice cakes
One of my kiddo have wheat allergy. His some times on go food is rice cake and he don’t like all of them. He like this one may be because it have chocolate in it. But he lives it
I was a bit skeptical on these at first but went ahead and tried them anyways, and boy am I glad I did. I never thought I would love a rice caje treat sooo much!! The texture, the flavors, delicious!
Brittle Topped Cakes
OK, brittle topping, milk chocolate and on a rice cake...what's not to love??? These are wonderful!
Really good
Super tasty! If you like rice cakes you will love these, I mean who doesn’t love chocolate! They have the same great texture as other rice cakes.
I absolutely love these rice cakes! They are the perfect combination of crunchy and chocolate, my k8ds love them as well! I have tried them all and will continue to buy over and over again:)

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