bubly Lime Flavored Sparkling Water 12 oz 8 Pack Cans

4.1 5 0 408 408 Oh hi! bubly sparkling water combines refreshing, crisp sparkling water with great tasting, natural flavors perfect for any occasion. No calories, no sweeteners, all smiles.
bubly Lime Flavored Sparkling Water 12 oz 8 Pack Cans


Horrible, unless you like zero flavor!
Ok, so imagine a manufacturing plant of tonic water.. In the building next to it they are juicing limes.. The smell of lime in the air is about as much flavor as you will get drinking these! If you're in the mood for something bubbly and bland, this is it!
Ehh it's ok
I am not a huge fan of sparkling water it tastes to much like tonic water. This brand is very Seltzer tasting and it kind of tastes a bit flat to me. I don't think it is worth it unless you are a seltzer person.
Good stuff bubbly
I'm a big fan of sparkling water. It makes it much easier to drink water throughout the day when there's a little carbonation added. I really appreciate the thought bubbly put into the design of the can. It looks great and I love the colored tab. The flavor tastes somewhat artificial compared to some of their other flavors, but that won't stop me from drinking one if it is offered to me.
I love bubly!
I don't drink a lot of carbonated beverages, maybe like once a week or two. But my family keeps these in the house because everyone loves them! If I'm feeling like a fizzy drink, these are the best!
Bubly is the best!
I'm very picky about my sparkling water. I have tried so many different flavors and brands and bubly is my absolute favorite! Although the lime is my least favorite flavor, I would choose it over many other brands. Its refreshing, crisp and delicious!
I have tried many, many brands of sparkling water. With all of the hype around Bubly, I was so excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, I wasn't very impressed. It is very 'bubly', but it doesn't have nearly as strong of a flavor as many other brands. Too much of a soda water taste for my liking.
Refreshing and guilt free.
I love sparkling wTer. I count carbs. And this feels like im cheating with a soda. But zero guilt. If your an alcohol drinker. Try with your favorite spirit for a fun change up.
Bubly Water to hydrate your thirst
Loved this caffeinated water. It was fizzy, tasty and the lime flavor made it refreshing. I was enjoying it during the summer, but have found it is great during the winter months when the inside air gets dry. I've even used a bit on a cotton ball to refresh & energize my facial skin.
these are so nasty, they have no sweetness at all , would taste like a sprite with no sweetness i would never buy this again. all of the flavors from this brand have no sweetness added .
My Family- No way on these Drinks
I bought some different flavors last summer of the Bubly Sparkling waters.. No one in my family liked any of them.. We also aren't much on sparkling waters at all.. But we also thought these where way to carbonated and the flavor of each drink just didn't stand out there so much for each flavored drink...
It leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth. Nice and bubbly without all the bad sugars. One of my go to drinks when I want a carbonated drink!
Tasty & Bubbly
This is a great, healthy alternative to traditional soda or just water if you’re looking for something carbonated. This flavor is refreshing without being overpowering and it hits the spot!
Game changer
I used bubly to stop drinking soda. I live how flavorful they are with zero sugar and zero calories. You get the bubbles and crispness and flavor of a soda with out the guilt.
lime flavour is good, but too carbonated
This is an expensive product, much more expensive than other sparkling waters. I find Bubly (even with the great marketing with Buble) to be too carbonated even though the taste is good.
Love it
Tho bubly isnt my go to seltzer it is the best alternative hands down. Their affordable prices & crisp flavors fill my seltzer void when my regular brand is sold out. Thank you bubly,!

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