bubly Lime Flavored Sparkling Water 12 oz 8 Pack Cans

4.1 5 0 516 516 Oh hi! bubly sparkling water combines refreshing, crisp sparkling water with great tasting, natural flavors perfect for any occasion. No calories, no sweeteners, all smiles.
bubly Lime Flavored Sparkling Water 12 oz 8 Pack Cans


The flavor is good
For being a sparkling water called bubly, somehow this is one of the least carbonated waters I've ever had. The flavor is good but I would definitely pick other brands over this one.
Pass on this
Tried all the flavors. Just not a big fan. To much of a bitter taste. I tried looking for something new. But no one in my house hold likes it at all. Not the best
Pretty eh
Okay, I’m a soda water addict. It’s bad. But because I’ve had so many, I know when somethings “eh”. The bubbly lime is eh. It’s not bad! But I think it lacks carbonation in a way the original doesn’t, and doesn’t have enough flavor to counteract that or make up for it. If you like lime I’d look elsewhere. If you just want a small tinge of flavor I do!
Family Loves
I'm just not a fan of sparkling beverages. My family loves them though so I usually try a sip when they get a different flavor. A little to bitter for me.
Like it!
I like this taste and the bubly brand and love lime flavor, just don't love that is often more expensive than other brands.
Lime Bubly is good for water alternative
I searched in store to find this flavor and either the manufacturer was behind or I could never find on shelf in my area. I found it and tried it I drink alot of water and look for alternatives with some flavor. I can taste a hint of lime and the sparkling is light. I will buy again if on sale I quess the down size is the case only comes in 8.
If you like sparkling water, then this is a great drink. All the different flavors.
Good for when you need "different" H2O
I love all the Bubly waters....I am a bug water drinker but sometimes it gets boring. So on occasion I will grab a Bubly water, they always quench my thirst and the flavors are delicious.
Pretty good
I’m not really a fan of the bubbly drinks but I actually like this one & the lime flavor is so refreshing I love it! I just wish it wasn’t so carbonated so I could drink the whole pack lol!!
Really Good
I really like seltzer water and this one is great. Very similar to other brands but still really good. I like that the flavors are natural tasting and not artificial tasting. Would purchase again!
Michael Bublé approved
I didn’t even know about this brand until Michael Bublé sponsored it. So I had to try it, and I loved it, it’s a great soda with tasty flavor. It’s definitely bubbly and has a good price. I would love to try more flavors
Bubly lime flavored sparkling water
I have tried all of the flavors of the Bubly sparkling water and I absolutely love them! The rating I would give them is more than 5 stars! When I taste the bubly the first thing I recognize is the refreshing taste and flavoring it has. It's so refreshing in the taste and I feel the coolness of it in my mouth. The lime flavored bubly is really good and refreshing in taste and I can really taste the lime. The packaging of the bubly is really good and well protected. The variety of flavors is good but they need to come up with more new flavors and make the size of the cans more bigger than just the regular size. The quality of bublys you get in the cartons I think the company needs to put more than just 8 cans in the carton. But yes I do love bubly! But I like every flavor they got.
No thanks
I am not a fan of this at all. I hoped this would be more of a sprite flavor not impressed at all. We ended up throwing away more then we drank it was not a hit at our house at all.
Lime is maybe my least fav
I love bubbly but don’t love this flavor. It might be me, but I will always reach for another flavor if they have it. The lime tastes artificial. I will use it for mixed drinks.
I like that this is a no calorie product. I was not a fan of the taste unfortunately it just was not for me. I do like the brand though.

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