Bumble and Bumble Sumo Liquid Wax+ Finishing Spray

4.8 5 0 24 24 A texturizing spray wax for piecey, lived-in texture.
Bumble and Bumble Sumo Liquid Wax+ Finishing Spray


Good. It’s amazing. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs it. Gave it to my friends. They love.
Bumble and bumble makes great products and this is definitely one of them! I like to do beach waves style a lot and this works really well for that. Spraying this gives really nice separation and hold.
Excellent Hair Product!
I love this Bumble an Bumble haircare product. All of their products are of excellent quality but this is my favorite.
Looking good
I really like the Bumble and Bumble Sumo Liquid Wax+ Finishing Spray. It does a great job of defining my hair without leaving it oily, waxy or stiff. This is a great brand and another great product from them.
Bumble SUmo
I love these so much, especially since it helps with my hair. I actually never heard of this brand before until now. I did not really like the price, but still tried it anyways. Bumbo Sumo
B&B never disappoints
I love B&B! Everything is amazing and this is mo exception!
Just Awesome!!
Love, Love, Love Bumble & Bumble products. This product is nothing short of amazing to me. I highly recommend everyone to try it and I assure you that you will love it as well! Great for thick hair like mine, too!
Like a lot!
I’m a fan of this line in general.. tried this recently and I love it! A little bit goes a long way!
Fantastic Product
I have used this product recently.I absolutely love it! Bumble and Bumble has been one of my favorite lines of Hair Products for years!! This is a great product!!
Smells absolutely amazing. This makes my hair feel clean, and healthy. I also let my mom try it and she bought some for herself too
My stylist used this on me. All Bumble products are fantastic. I walked out of there looking like a million bucks. I bought the product and was able to recreate the style again at home. With other products, that wasn’t the case. Bonus points for the amazing smell.
B&B Best Quality
Seriously! Can this brand do wrong?! No! This stuff is incredible. What I need to get used to is when using expensive products, it’s better quality, therefor you can use less of it. Sometimes I get heavy handed and have to remind myself what I’m working with! You get what you pay for!
Really works!
II spray some of this and it revived my hair. It gives it texture and good volume. Doesn’t make it oily either. Great stuff! spray some of this and it revived my hair. It gives it texture and good volume. Doesn’t make it oily either. Great stuff! Its a good choice and I am glad I took a chance on it.I am really OBSESSED with this product!
Bumble & Bumble liquid wax & finishing spray
My hairdresser uses this on my hair on my visits and suggested that I should buy some for myself and since I am not good at styling my hair this product is the best I have ever tried and gives my hair plenty of volume Just wish it came in a larger size it goes quickly
I really love this hairspray it has amazing ingredients you can find it at many different hair supply stores and the price is pretty decent plus they should have sample sizes for you to try out.

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