3.9 5 0 11 11 Gentle & effective foaming body wash specially designed to clean, exfoliate & moisturize rough, bumpy skin.
BumpKlear Bumpy Skin Wash
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This worked great to reduce the appearance of bumps on the back of my arms. Unfortunately it is something I have to consistently use or the bumps come back so this is not a permanent fix. Temporary until you stop using it
this is some of the best skin wash out today . loved it and would definitely buy it again .
Total bummer! Used the entire bottle and had very little results. Thats the way it is sometimes. Everybodys skin types are different, and what works for some...well, just does not work for others.
This has changed my 7 year old's skin forever! His skin has so much keratin build up, and we have tried everything! Creams, lotions, oils, scrubs, etc., and I saw the reviews on this and had to try. It has seriously changed his entire complexion, and in just a short amount of time. We do not even use it daily or twice daily. His skin reacted so well to this, we use it 2-3 times during his shower. We then use the Bumpy Skin Lotion (only 2-3 times a week.) He went from having severely irritated skin on his arms, legs, back, chest and face, and the difference this has made is simply wonderful! I have shared this product with all my friends and raved about it. I even had a bad break out a few days ago and put it on my face and the redness and bumps were gone the next day!
This product does work especially as you have kids and yoor body goes crazy as you age. You can tell within a small amount of time that it makes a difference.
I would like to try this product it sounds like something I could use to stay dry and clean my body
After having my son 5 months ago, I noticed I had some bumps coming up on my arms. Apparently hormones caused some crazy stuff to happen to my skin. I used this product and after just a week, I could tell such a difference. My arms are smooth & bump free now after just a few weeks of using BumpKlear!
Works awsome!Mu son loved and he said it works grea.Smells ok.
I haven't tried but I would like too.So I hope that you will give me a chance to try
Me and my wife tried this product because we suffer from bumpy skin but after using the entire bottle we did not see any improvements to our skin and was very disappointed
Wow! It really works! Over the years I've tried a number of things to reduce the appearance and feeling of keratosis pilaris, which I've struggled with as long as I can remember. Many people say that KP bumps can be caused by a gluten allergy and that even eating a tiny bit of gluten over a 3 to 6 month span of time can make them all come back. Though I did successfully do a couple of whole 30 diets back to back and noticed a huge reduction in KP during that time, I don't think it's realistic for me to avoid gluten to that extent, especially given that I do not have any huge allergy issues that would make eating gluten a couple times a week about idea, aside from the KP bumps. I have used a number of KP reducing lotions both currently and in the past. The KP derma doctor exfoliating scrub did absolutely nothing for me. AmLactin lotion with the green top has worked really well, but I found that I need to refrain from using any moisturizing body products in the shower to make sure th
I would love to try this because I have bumpy arms.
I would love to try this product and recommend it to others who also deal with bumpy skin as me.
Nice to see they have something for this I have a bunch on the back of my arms would love to give it a try, hopefully it makes a change
love try this out and always wonted clear skin and I hope get try this out soon

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