4.7 5 0 192 192 Burt's Bees Liquid Lipsticks glide on with intense pigments delivering the perfect amount of color.
Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Liquid Lipstick
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burts bee lipstick
I have tried this product and it is ok for a lip moisturizer, it doesn't stay on your lips very long. You have to keep applying it. I prefer something that will last longer.
Nothing but love for Burt's Bees
My personal experience with Burt's Bees, is their products have never dissapointed me. Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Liquid Lipstick was just the same. The colors are the perfect shades, while maintaining rich and creaminess throughout it's ware; all while moisturizing your lips. Simply amazing.
Great color
I enjoyed trying this product and look forward to trying other colors in the future. I highly recommend it.
Not for everyone
Its plain and simple not for all of us, which is sad. Burts Bees products as a whole arent marketed for all people, guess they don't think people of color think about natural products or the environment, wrong. I bought this product specifically because i saw an ad of what i thought was a black woman wearing it so I thought hey, they make inclusive colors. Wrong.
I love this product! It leaves my lips feeling soft while also giving me a professional and clean look.
Love it
This formula I love love how this color it’s like a dark nude but it’s really creamy and I love how it’s a nice scent to it and love it
The color is amazing !!! And it's very moisturizing.
Great product
I have used this before. Makes my lip moisturised. Great product
Loved it!
I have tried this before and it was amazing!! Made my lips so silkie. I wore it everyday till I ran out!!
has great moisture and lasting color helps dry cracked lips
W ow
Great color with awesome hydration love that it's all natural
Soft lips
The Burts bless lipsticks glide on easily and makes my lips feel soft immediately. The color could stay longer but I use these more for around the house.
Love this Burt''s Bees.
This lipstick are everything, I been using this brand for the pass 2 years and just love it I leaves my lips moist not greasy ,and the color are beautiful.
Soft lips
I want to first say I love Burt bees products. Their more natural base ingredients. This lipstick made my lips amazingly soft. And the color selection is great!
Pigmented Color
This lipstick is great in my opinion. It stays on for hours and it also hydrates your lips. You do not have to reapply this product a lot. The color stays nice for hours also, I totally recommend.

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