4.5 5 0 57 57 Now a little one can have a bath or shower without hurting delicate skin when you use Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash.
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash
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Love this product
This is a must have for your littles it leaves them soft, smelling great and fresh and clean would totally recommend this to all parents
I love it
The smell is amazing and i love the way it leavea my hair feeling.
Absolutely love
Left my babies skin so soft and smells amazinggggg!! I'll be buying more once we used up the bottle we got!
Gentle and all natural
I bought this body wash for my 5 and 7 year olds bath time, it has a light pleasant fragrance and suds up well when using it for their bubble baths. It's also very moisturizing so when they get out of the tub their skin is soft and refreshed. I continue to purchase on eBay because that's the most cost-effective option with free shipping, I would definitely recommend to this all natural body wash for babies/children to any parent with a little one with sensitive skin.
Chemical Free
This is an awsome shampoo made with natural ingredients. My son Christian loves it. Shampoo and wash. in one .
Dried out skin
I know this product isn't for everyone, it may work great for others but just dried out my toddlers skin a little too much to where his back felt scaly, smells great. Do be careful obviously since it makes the tub a bit slippery, love the smell.
I love the all natural aspect behind all of their products. It did it’s job just fine and was safe for my kids.
Worth it!
Love the brand so bought for the little one. Left skin soft and clean, without any sign of irritation. No harsh artificial dyes or perfumes, lathers easily, worth the money!
Great product! I was so worried about finding a product for our babies gentle skin. We use tons of their products and decided to stick with them for our little one. No complaints! Great smell, left her super soft and smelling great! And a little goes a long way. Definitely worth the cost.
Gentle on skin, I used it once when i ran out of my soap and even left my skin feeling soft, all natural.
Love this product
I always buy this whenever I have a newborn. It's never burned my kids eyes not has it dried out their skin and hair. It smells amazing and for the price it's worth it! Repeat customer!
I love this shampoo and body wash for my baby it is my go-to product. I have a hard time wanting to try something new because I just love this product so much and the smell is amazing my daughter says her brother smells like peaches but to me he just smells amazing.
Not just for babies
I have dry eye and my eye doctor told me to get a baby shampoo and dilute with water to wash my eye lashes. Knowing most "no tear" baby shampoos will sting. I decided to pay the extra money and use Burt's Bees and glad I did. I have now been using it for a few years and it has helped my dry eye symptoms without stinging my eye.
For those times you need it.
I am a true believer in Burt's Bees unscented baby wash. I've not only used this on my child during a poison ivy exposure, but my partner as well. Come to think of it, its great for my husband as he tends to chafe and sometimes scented products make that worse. I've used this stuff for multiple reasons ranging from my daughter to my husband and its our go to for clean, unscented and gentle.
A bit expensive for what it is offering. It does smell good. Not too strong. But other products are more affordable and does exactly the same.

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