Burt’s Bees Dander Reducing Wipes with Colloidal Oat Flour for Cats

4.4 5 0 52 52 Tap into nature’s power with Burt’s Bees Dander Reducing Wipes for Cats. These effective cat wipe calm your companion’s coat with nature’s finest ingredients. They’re formulated with aloe vera and colloidal oat flour for gentle cleansing action that won’t irritate your feline’s sensitive skin. These cat bathing wipes impart hydration to moisturize and soothe dry skin, and they reduce dander and flaking. Free of colorants, these dander wipes are pH balanced for cats. As is typical with natural formulas, these natural cat wipes don’t have a strong scent outside of the main ingredients because we don’t add in artificial fragrances or chemicals to any of our products. Burt’s Bees Natural Pet Care is made in the United States without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, SLS, or synthetic fragrances.
Burt’s Bees Dander Reducing Wipes with Colloidal Oat Flour for Cats


I thought these wipes worked quite well on my cat! I would definitely recommend!
works very good
these work very well helped clean the gunk from my cats undereye and my cat also smells great now after wiping her body off
Smell great!
I use these on my cats and kittens and I love how gentle they are and smell great. They do a good job at cleaning too.
Great product
I love these they work so well and smell great and from a trusted brand I definitely recommend if you cat has dander
This is a good product
This is one of the few products for cat dander. It works relatively well but I do not like the smell of it. The cats seem to not like the smell either!
Works well
This product works well to keep dander down. I use it every week to keep him dander free.
Awesome refresher for cats
I have a cat with Feline Hyperesthesia which means she's sensitive to.touch and has almost a tick where her skin crawls. She thinks at times that something is there, that isn't, and she chews and over grooms as a result. These oatmeal wipes soothe her and her skin/coat and thru a combination of many soothing, natural and homeopathic treatment which includes these wipes, we're in the best condition we've ever been in, no chewing sores or empty patches of hair from over grooming and her coat is as healthy as we could have ever hoped for. Amazing product, highly recommend!
Cat loves wipes
I needed something lightly or no scent for my cat. This has hardly any scent and the size of the wipes are generous. My cat enjoys being wiped down and it leaves her fur healthier looking.
It’s okay
One of my cats have a bit of trouble reaching some parts of themselves when they go to groom, so I needed to step in with some help. These wipes smell pretty nice, and they do seem to do a pretty good job at cleaning him up. But i have tried better wipes for sure.
Wipes for your cat!
I found these wipes to be pretty helpful and helping reduce dander from my cats coat. I was under the impression that this would also make her look super clean which I kind of did but I wouldn’t say 100%. But in my case this is probably the best that my mostly outdoors cat is going to get as far as being clean
These are so handy. My cat is seriously against baths. These wipes are great for a quick clean up. They smell nice and do pick up the dandruff. Her coat is left feeling very smooth. I do recommend.
Burt's Bees Cat Dander Wipes
The Burt's Bees Cat Dander Wipes are really nice because they help keep dander down. I brush my cat's hair first and then I use the wipes on her. They make her hair feel soft and she smells clean too and they are not harmful to her also.
Love these!
I loved these wipes for my kitten! They are gentle and leave my kitten looking and smelling oh so clean. I would definitely recommend!
Perfect for your Kitties
I absolutely love these wipes for my kitties. They smell pretty good, nothing chemical-y or crazy. They just work really well, reducing dander and also giving your cat's coat a quick little clean. I noticed a huge difference in my allergies (yes I'm allergic to cats but I have them! I love them too much!) after using these so that's amazing, too.
Cat allergies
I use these on my cats to reduce the dander that I seem to be allergic to. It seems to help some, though it annoys the cats.

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