4.6 5 0 69 69 Burt''s Bees Fruit Fusion Fluoride Free Kids Toothpaste gently cleans teeth & tastes great! Not every parent wants fluoride in their children''s toothpaste. We''ve carefully crafted this version of Fruit Fusion without Fluoride… leaving the choice up to you!
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I love everything about burt's bees products! From lotion to this product, I am never disappointed with burt's bees products and use them for my self and the kids. Highly recommend
I love
A mi niño le encanta ahora la compro siempre para el
Not kid approved
I got this for my son a month ago to try something different. My son hates it. Hes hooked on hello watermelon cuz it tastes so good. I hope it is actually helping his teeth though.
Kids loved it
I'm always trying to find new products that are safer for my kiddos and got this product for them. They like the fruity taste while brushing their teeth with it. I have always loved the Burt's Bees brand and their products.
I bought it out of curiosity
weeks ago I bought this paste, out of curiosity and because it is a healthier alternative for my teeth and my mouth, healthier and certainly with a delicious taste, what I liked the most and does not make me regret this purchase is the texture is a texture that is so soft in the mouth, since I bought it, I have only bought this paste
My son loves the flavor of this toothpaste and I love that it is natural!!! Pur dentist recommends using fluoride but I'm not comfortable with that. This fices me peace of mind knowing it works due to his teeth staying in great health!
Not a keeper
Tried this with my 5 yr old son for something different but he did not like it. It doesnt taste great. We went back to hello watermelon Toothpaste instead.
Purchased, did not receive sample
My kids LOVE this! I love this is a more organic toothpaste. Burts Bees definitely got things right with this! It leaves my kids with fresh smelling breath and they love the taste
My kids are very happy with this toothpaste. Has a nice fruit flavor.
A little thick, but great
My 2 year old was a little weirded out at first taste, perhaps because she is used to her apple flavored toothpaste. This foams and is very thick, which I do not like, but it cleans her teeth well and gives her fresh breath. This is not a review from a trial, but a purchased product.
Kids approved!!!
My kids loved this toothpaste. They don't want any other toothpaste.
This paste is the bees knees!
Hands down best organic kids tooth paste for your busy little bees!
It is a very good tasting toothpaste and my daughter loves it
Burt's Bees Children's Shine Smile
Burt's Bees wonderful Children's Toothpaste has provided a fun experience to essential vital care of my children's dental hygiene with improvement to relieve our struggle with occasional dislike due to strong mint taste or gritty feel that makes it a grumpy task for toothbrushing. With the nice Childtens specialized flavor experience that gives our children a encouraging and uplifting experience as they learn the absolute need of excellent dental care and protection for my peace I am providing the very best with Burt's Bees trusted brand. Keeping the enhanced beautiful smiles bright and clean which will last their entire life. Perfectly awesome!

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