4.5 5 0 12 12 Burt''s Bees Fruit Fusion Fluoride Free Kids Toothpaste gently cleans teeth & tastes great! Not every parent wants fluoride in their children''s toothpaste. We''ve carefully crafted this version of Fruit Fusion without Fluoride… leaving the choice up to you!
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My daughter uses this everyday to brush her teeth. It is on the thicker side so you can see where they haven’t brushed yet.
Great toothpaste
My daughter has been using this toothpaste for 4 months... she likes and I like this product because is fluoride free and clean very well teeth..
Overall I think this product is amazing! My daughter loves the flavor and I love that it is not only healthy and made without all the things other toothpaste is made with, but it is also fluroide free and that alone is amazing because my three year old still does not spit out her toothpaste all the time!
Kids love it
The kids love the flavor and actually enjoy brushing their teeth. And its much healthier for them.
Me encantô y a mis niñas también ,me gusta mucho porq no irrita la boquita de mis niñas,anteriormente con otras pastas de dientes siempre se quejaban q les picaba,claro que la recomiendo
Burts bees toothpaste
This product has a good flavor and leaves a clean feeling
Daughter’s favorite
This is the first toothpaste that my daughter liked. I was skeptical earlier whether she would like it or not, but felt so happy that she now wants no other paste.
Great fruity flavor
My sons really like this toothpaste. I only buy natural & non fluoride for them. They are on their 3rd tub now. Great deal for me!
Bought this for my 5yr old, been tryin to stay away from too much floride. She loved it from the first time, and loves the flavor. I dont buy anythin else. I have switched to the adult version. Been using for about 8 months now.
Amazing results
Amazing product for kids and teenagers good flavor with lasting results
Fruity and chalky
I'm all about natural and organic products, especially those for your health. However, this fruity toothpaste had a nice flavor but a surprising amount of chalkyness. If that could somehow be reduced, I'd love this toothpaste. My son still chooses it over the blue sparkly Colgate toothpaste. So that's a plus in my book!
High hopes
I had high hopes in this product as its fluoride free and from a company I trust but my children all tell me its hot and refuse to use it anymore. Its an affordable price and trustworthy name but that all means nothing if my children won't use the product.
Good product
I bought this for my 3-year-Old because it was the least expensive toothpaste without fluoride. At first she wasn’t sure of the flavor, but now she uses it without any complaints. It seems to work well on her teeth.

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