4.7 5 0 54 54 Burt''s Bees Fruit Fusion Fluoride Free Kids Toothpaste gently cleans teeth & tastes great! Not every parent wants fluoride in their children''s toothpaste. We''ve carefully crafted this version of Fruit Fusion without Fluoride… leaving the choice up to you!
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Burt's Bees Children's Shine Smile
Burt's Bees wonderful Children's Toothpaste has provided a fun experience to essential vital care of my children's dental hygiene with improvement to relieve our struggle with occasional dislike due to strong mint taste or gritty feel that makes it a grumpy task for toothbrushing. With the nice Childtens specialized flavor experience that gives our children a encouraging and uplifting experience as they learn the absolute need of excellent dental care and protection for my peace I am providing the very best with Burt's Bees trusted brand. Keeping the enhanced beautiful smiles bright and clean which will last their entire life. Perfectly awesome!
Ami bebe le encanta por su rico sabor a frutas una buena pasta para cuidar sus dientecitos
Best toothpaste out there
My kids were always struggling with their toothpaste. It made them feel like it was always burning their gums, even the other brands that where meant for children. But this was so amazing for them. I literally couldn’t get the to stop. They would even just brush their teeth without having to be asked. So I do recommend this paste for any parent out there for their child. 😁
Makes brushing easier!
Most little ones hate brushing their teeth. My daughter did too until we found the right toothpaste!! Now she's eager to brush and loves the taste. I have to hide the toothpaste now or she would brush 20 times a day! I love that it doesn't have all the yucky stuff.
good alternative toothpaste
I tried Burts Bees for my 3 and 6 year old. They do not like minty toothpaste at all. My 3 year old loves it and uses it. My 6 year old says she doesn't like it. She says its too soft and falls off of her toothbrush. Every kid is different. I would buy it again for my youngest.
My son loves this toothpaste!! It does the job for children and smells good with good flavor.
Great flavor!
My granddaughter is picky when it comes to toothpaste. She just loves this flavor! Only dislike is the price.
Loved the flavor!
Sometimes it's hard to get kids to brush their teeth, but not with this toothpaste! The flavor is delicious and the product is definitely effective at cleaning teeth and tongue as well. It leaves you with that "fresh mouth" feeling for sure.
Great product!
My kids loved this toothpaste. The flavor is great and gets the job done. They get excited every time they brush their teeth! Also love that it's more natural than other brands. Only downside is the price.
I liked it. A bit costly but a good product. Natural and easy to use. Scent is good no bad after affects.
My kiddo loves it
This product has a great taste, especially for the kiddos. The toothpaste tube and top are very easy to use for the little one. I have bought this product twice and will continue to purchase.
Great product
My 3 year old loves this stuff! The fruit flavor isn't bad at all. Plus it doesn't have flouride! So you get a happy kiss and a happy parent because it protects their teeth! Totally recommend especially for picky kids.
Burt's Bees for kids
I love the brand and my kids love this toothpaste...said the flavor is great!
Kids like it
Bought this for my grandkids...they said it tastes great
Kids favorite!
This is a great kids toothpaste, in fact they ask for it! As a mom of little ones, I was so happy to find a fluoride free option from a great brand at a reasonable price and available where I shop regularly. The taste is something they enjoy so I don’t have to fight with them to use it and it has a nice creamy texture that coats the mouth to give it a a nice overall clean feeling. We’re fans and would definitely recommend!

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