Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

4.5 5 0 235 235 A richly blended belly butter to gently and safely moisturize and nourish mama's stretching skin.
Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter


Must have.
burt's bees belly sure did help mine. I itched so bad. A friend told me about this and I love it! Really did help with the stretch marks too. Smooth big ole belly. I would recommend anyone that is pregnant give it a chance.
great for itchy belly
it helped me a lot during and after my pregnancy. i had a very itchy belly and nothing helped but when i tried this i was so surprised that how well it moisturised and calmed my skin.
I’ve used this belly butter with Burts and Bee’s oil. It is very moisturizing and easy to apply. I really can tell it reduced the chance of getting stretch marks. Great quality!
Love this lotion!
I have tried multiple different lotions for dry skin on my pregnant belly. I love this lotion! I have naturally dry skin so I knew I was going to need a product that nourishes very well. I also love that it is safe for pregnant or nursing women! Now that I have had my son, I use still use it for everyday use.
Started using this at the beginning of pregnancy it worked well for the itchiness I had while being pregnant but nothing else
My favorite
This was my favorite belly cream while pregnant. It was the only one that helped with the dry itchy skin and actually lasted.
La mejor crema para mamas embarazadas
Utilice esta crema en mi embarazo todos los dias en mi barriguita. No me saliò ni una estria gracias a esta crema
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I'm giving this a 1 because of the formula change. The old one used to be made from Cocoa Butter which made the consistency feel like actual body butter. It melted into your skin, which made it a great product. It looks like they changed the formula to Shea Butter, and watered it down to wear the texture is no longer buttery. Granted my skin absorbs it, but it doesn't feel nor does it give me the same result as the old formula. The new one is not a "knock-off" they reformulated and changed the formula. I checked their website and the belly butter on there has the ingredients and the new packaging. The new packaging says "with Shea butter & vitamin e" the packaging is less yellow and plain. The old packaging on the from says "With cocoa butter and vitamin E" and has a very distinct yellow packaging. Wish they warned us or gave us a heads up, very disappointed that they've cheapened the product.
This was my go-to for both my pregnancies! Im a huge Burt's Bees fan and this is the product for those beautiful growing baby bumps! I loved the texture, the smell and its wasn't oily. I never had a single stretch mark with either baby so i think i owe it to this product.
I really like this lotion and have used it throughout the second half of my pregnancy! It has stopped all of my itching where my skin is growing and has a soft, but not gross feel and nice calming smell!
I used it when I was pregnant and after pregnancy too. It did not had a great smell but it left my skin soft. I think it helped me on not to have so many stretch marks if I had not used it. I was happy with the product.
It's also great for after too if you had a few stretch marks this also works for after
my friend swore by this product during her pregnancy! she even continued to use it after her pregnancy as well and gave me some to try. makes your skin super soft!
Being a mom is not so easy! But at least this belly butter help me keep my skin moisture. I love Burt's Bees Mama Belly Butter because it is natural and really works!

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