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Capri Sun Fruit Punch
I have enjoyed the Capri Sun fruit punch since I was a child and it was one of the most preferable brands of punch. I have no complaints about it. I highly recommend as long as the packs don't cause a major mess in school lunch boxes.
I love these for traveling, on the go or just if you need something flavorful.
I love these drinks. They’re not just for kids. I pack them in my lunch bag and enjoy one midday with my sandwich. Also, during summer time, I toss them in the freezer and them them frozen
so good
I love to hit the out doors and bring along the kids. On our fishing trip we wanted to bring along a drink that could keep them hydrated and also be easy to hang on to. This was delicious and not easy to spill.
kid approved
I loved these as a kid and still to this day I will sneak one or two from my son at times. My son shares the love for these also and he's a very picky kid. The fact that they don't contain all the harsh chemicals and ingredients as some of the competing brands is a huge bonus for us.
Best juice to drink
really enjoy drinking caprisun have been purchasing this for a long time and its a very trusted brand.
I love these. Perfect to just throw in your bag. Good for when your at outdoor activities.
Capri sun
Capri sun is a muatbhave in my home. Its always nicento be able to grab on the go and the kids can open the straws and put in. No mess and kids like thr taste.
So yummy!
I love these juices and I am not a kid anymore! My personal favorite thing to do is pop them in the fridge and grab one whenever I need a dose of refreshment and sugar.
Must haves
These a must have for any home with kids or grandkids. I really don't think choices in flavors matter not at all when it comes to Capri Sun products.The 30 pack is ideal but shout never be left in full site.lol
Less sugar
Great flavor, easy to get the straw in. Especially for kids heck I even drink them sometimes!
My kids love them
These were always a huge must have item for my 3 children. I couldn't keep enough in stock at home! I don't think there was a single flavor they didn't like!
I am highly satisfied
I am highly satisfied with the 30 pack CapriSun juice. It has a variety of flavors. Buying the larger pack also saves money.
Even as an adult I love these. We like to freeze them, using them as an ice pack for lunch then they are slushy for drinking. Very tasty!
Excellent product for price!
The price of these is fenomenal, & it is a quick easy drink choice to pack for my children’s school lunch. They enjoy the flavor choices, too!

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