Cascade Platinum ActionPacs Fresh Scent Dishwasher Detergent with Clorox

4.8 5 0 209 209 Dishwasher detergent with the stain fighting power of Clorox helps fight tough stains.
Cascade Platinum ActionPacs Fresh Scent Dishwasher Detergent with Clorox


Clean dishes are a must
Casade Platinum is a fantastic product. So simple to use and leaves my dishes sparkling clean.
Cascade is my go-to
Love cascade to use in my dishwasher. They always leave everything spotless and no residue. I also enjoy the convenience of the capsules. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fast and easy solution!
These dishwasher pods are my favorite. Not only do they leave your dishes looking clean and sparkly but the dishwasher doesn’t smell nasty afterwards which I believe is because of the added Clorox. I buy these any time I can find them
Clean Dishes
Clean dishes are nice and sparkly and don't leave a residue.
Cascade is what my machine and dishes love. We still do a "pre game" rinse wash because I cook every day and I try to get the kids in the habbit as well as our dishwasher is from like the 80s 😂. However I know that if I am not paying attention they don't pre game it, and our dishes and such come out just fine and like they did. This detergent is phenomenal.
These work great.
My teen likes to leave experiments in his room (dirty dishes). These easily cut through the dried on food and I love them. They also don’t leave dish spots.
Great product
I absolutely love this product. It always gets my dishes super clean and it leaves then shiny. I have recommended this sooooo many times to friends and family.
Really worked well at making my dishes clean. Great product!
Cascade Platinum ActionPacs Fresh Scent Dishwasher Detergent with Clorox works great on my dishes. I like to test just how dirty a dish can be when I put it in the dishwasher. This stuff works the very best!
Best stuff ever
No longer need to buy a dishwasher because you fishes aren’t clean. The first time I tried this I was hooked. Scrap large particles of good of, put in dishwasher . You can even leaves it for days. Your dishes will come out sparkling clean!
Only use Cascade in my dishwasher The dishes get so clean and glasses sparkle.
Best Dishwasher Tablets
This is by far the best dishwasher tablet. Glasses sparkle and dishes perfectly clean
I am very pleased with this product!!! It clean a and smell good also!!!! It leaves my dishes clean and residue free!
It works
I had received a sample and decided to try it without rinsing my dishes first! I was so impressed that I went to buy them with the coupon provided but was hesitant of the cost. Well the cost is well worth it because with only one and not having to scrub my dishes first, they actually save me time and money
Cascade platinum
I absolutely love this product, it’s tough on messes with no pre-rinsing required, leaves your dishes clean and sparkling and smelling fresh. I would definitely recommend this product.

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