4.8 5 0 123 123 Dishwasher detergent with the stain fighting power of Clorox helps fight tough stains.
Cascade Platinum ActionPacs Fresh Scent Dishwasher Detergent with Clorox
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Best for Dishes
I love this product and I have been use it since long time because it cleans the dishes perfectly with no doubt, the bag package is more economic for me. I recommend it for everyone likes his dishes to be nice smell, shiny and clean as crystal.
Smells great cuts Grease does a great job I love it
We always use these on our dishes in the dishwasher they tend to work the best from what I can tell if you are looking for a product as such. I love the fact that I don’t have to buy 3 different products to put in the dishwasher because it’s all together in one .
Great results for your dishes
This Cascade with bleach is the best dishwasher detergent that I have ever used. I laugh out loud when I think how enthusiastic I am about this dish washer soap ! What has become of me. Haha. Seriously tho— I thought I needed yet another new dish washer until these came along.My dishwasher just plain sucks but with these pods, even with my horrible dishwasher, even the crustiest baked on nasty pans get clean!
I bought this one to try in a small pack. Went and got more. It truly cleans our dishes way better than many other brands we have tried that have left a white substance on our dishes. These haven't done it and even our dishwasher is cleaner as well. Can't wait to buy more.
will never go back to store brand
we used a store brand before and it was TERRIBLE. little pieces of dirt would stick to our glasses and we'd always end up hand washing anyways. we tried these and they are AMAZING! worth the money, definitely recommend.
These actually make my dishwasher wash something! Amazing. For months I've been using a liquid dishwasher detergent and thinking its just my dishwasher that sucks... sometimes it did wash sometimes it didn't, finally I spent the extra money and got these and holy moly it was the detergent. My dishes are clean and sparkly. I can start using my dishwasher again! Highly recommend
muy bueno
es un detergente muy bueno para lavar la loza en el dishwasher me encanta por que quita las manchas mas duras de los platos no deben mejorar ya que asi como estan son muy buenos
These work!
We don't use our dishwasher all the time, but when we do, we always use cascade. It doesn't leave marks or streaks on our dishes and you can tell they are actually clean. We love it.
Love it
This product worked really well. I have a hard time with the price though.
Very good
Will never use another product in my dishwasher except cascade. Does a great job.
I like them very much
Cascade really does great in the dishwasher, I've tried many liquids and all but the pods definitely do the job great. I love how convenient they are and the ones with the Clorox are the best at getting dishes nice and clean.
es la segunda vez que lo utilizo y me gusta deja todo muy limpio
Da bomb
Simply the best. Left dishes clean and without spots. Only had to use one
Easy and effective
This Cascade dish washer tab was so convenient to use plus worked great. It didn't leave a icky film on my dishes like other brands and even my pots and pans came out sparkling clean.

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