Cat Food Value Pack Seafood Medley

4.9 5 0 1116 1116 Tempt your kitty with the scrumptious taste and enticing texture of Temptations Seafood Medley Flavor Cat Treats. These unique little pocket-shaped rewards have an irresistible crunchy outside and a soft and creamy inside with the savory seafood flavors. These Temptations treats are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cats and are just under 2 calories per piece. Shake the bag or tub to capture your cat’s attention and watch her run towards you with pure excitement, ready for her next reward! Feed 10-12 treats per 10 lbs of cat daily as a treat or snack. If fed as a main meal, 1/4 cup of Temptations Treats for Cats can replace 1/4 cup of Whiskas Meaty Selections Food for Cats. Provide fresh drinking water at all times. ©Mars, Incorporated.
Cat Food Value Pack Seafood Medley


My cats only eat temptations
I have three cats. My oldest has only ever liked temptations, and the two girls seem to follow suit! My little one is the pickiest and only eats these seafood ones. It’s super cute. If my picky baby can love these, I’m sure most cats would too lol
Cats love it!
My cats love the whole Temptations line! They can be kind of picky at times because I've probably spoiled them a little bit too much. But they absolutely love all of these treats! I highly recommend these treats for anyone who has cats! Even my dog likes them.
My cats love these
To be honest, my cats love any Temptations treats, but these are one of the flavors my cats seem to enjoy the most. They are very picky with foods and treats and these are always a crowd pleaser! High recommend!
My cats faveee
I didn’t know if she would like it when I first bought it! I thought it would be a hit or miss! And it was a greaaaat HIT. She literally runssss when she hears me shaking the container!
A Fan Favorite
My cat absolutely loves these treats. Ever since I’ve switched to them, he will not eat any other! They’re also not overly priced considering how much you get for it. They also don’t smell super awful if you’re sensitive to smell.
Like Candy for Kids - but for Cats!
My 3 felines love pretty much any cat treat - especially these. Not sure what it is about them but the seafood flavors really do it. The larger container is also nice as they will go through them fast!
#1 treat
My cat will do just about anything for temptations, he just loves them so much, he gets a handful of them every day. I use these as a treat vs food. I would recommend this product to any cat family.
Cats Choice
My Cat Was Found As A Starving Stray Little Kitten I Have Tried Every Cat Food Sold At My Local Store This Is The Only Food He Will Eat I Still Offer Him Other Food He Turns Away From Goes To His Temtations. If His Bowl Is Empty He Will Go To The Container And Meow Till He Gets More!!!
My cats likes em but not love em
I gave my two female cats these treats and they liked them, but didn’t drive em crazy. Probably because of the texture, these are not chewable snacks, and these are dry like they’re food. So it’s a good snack anyways but not they’re favorite
Tasty treat
My cat adores these scrumptious treats. They are a product that I can trust with the well-being of my furry friend. And the value is beyond any other. These are all that I will buy!
Cat loves this
Our cat loves these treats. We add them to her regular dry food as a topper. She runs to her bowl whenever she hears us popping the little tub open.
My cat’s favorite!
Temptations is my cat’s favorite treat out of all treats that I’ve tried with him so far. My cat absolutely loves treats with a good crunch, he refuses to eat soft treats so having a reliable/consistent treat on hand is very helpful with a texture sensitive cat. The value sizes are also very convenient as well since they last quite awhile. Overall I can say that it’s a great deal for what you get and it also keeps my cat happy!
2 bags a day???
My cat loves these so much that she even has her own portion of the pantry dedicated to her treats....these treats,in every flavor,she loves eating these things on the TV stand watching her favorite cartoon Nature cat
An all around Favorite!
Having multiple cats with special needs, its hard to find a treat they can all enjoy and are able to eat, and that are affordable as well. I have to hide these in the cupboard to keep my cats from breaking into the container. They love them and are always excited when the treat jar comes out! These are always a hit with them!
CATS love Temptation treats
I usually give my 3 cats a few treats at night. All 3 eat them like I havent fed them so I know they love their treats and If i am running late they will let me know. bite my feet or knock me off my feet. I give them their treat and they are content.

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