Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Overnight Cream

4.8 5 0 96 96 A gentle dark-spot targeting night cream with vine sap-derived Viniferine and glycolic acid for hydrated, smoother, brighter-looking skin in the morning.
Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Overnight Cream


What an amazing product ! Leaves my skin everything feels so soft and moisturized ! I love it ! I would definitely recommend it to people who tend to have acne it helps a lot
Love it!
Caudalie products are so good, including this one. Caudalie Vinoperfect night cream makes my skin so much smoother and brighter. I wake up the next morning with a healthy, natural glow. I definitely recommend adding this one to your P.M skincare routine.
Smooth and Creamy
Wake up in morning and my skin still Feels smooth and creamy. A very little goes a long way! Moderately priced. I recommend
Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Overnight Cream is very hydrating. It helps to smooth and hydrate skin. It absorbs well and doesn't make my oily skin feel greasy. I would recommend this my friends.
Pick this up
I got this at Sephora and I will tell you it’s amazing I love how soft my skin is from and and how dewy and glowy I look it’s like confidence in a bottle this will be your new best friend!
Anything from this brand is very high end. I’ve only tried a product or two they are of quality. This cream is very , smooth and silky and not sticky. This is something I would recommend
Caudalie is simply amazing
This cream by Caudalie is simply amazing. If your Skincare Concerns are: Dark Spots, Dullness, & Uneven Texture this product is for you. Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, & comes in recyclable packaging. I'm loving this Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Night Cream! It brightens my skin naturally all while exfoliating & just erasing away dead skin cells while you sleep, so you wake up with healthy, fresh skin. This cream is on the thicker side but it absorbs beautifully & is non greasy. It is also great for ALL skin types, It's so gentle yet effective. I have been using it every night for the last 2 wks along with my nightly skincare routine & I'm truly loving the results. There is a scent to this over night cream which I always enjoy, it is subtle, but also very spa like! Not overpowering at all. I'm totally impressed & very satisfied. I would definitely recommend!
Wow my skin is so bright and soft
This Products price point may scare you at first, But let me tell you something it is so worth it. The only flaw is if you don’t want the smell of grapes, this might not be the one for you. I use it nightly and my skin is flawless
Caudalie Vinoperfect night crème is amazing! I use this moisturizer after I use Caudalie VinoPerfect Serum and it’s so creamy and smooth! This night cream is used to finish dark spots. I’m the morning my skin is visibly fresh and luminous. This cream has glycolic acid which is an ingredient used to treat dark spots and it has resurfacing and brightening properties! After use of this cream my fave feels smoother and brighter! I recommend this product to anyone who suffers with dark spots!
I love this night cream! It is fantastic! It smells so good, but even better it works so well. It keeps my skin hydrated and brightened without leaving my face sticky. I highly recommend this product!
Love love love this serum
The night cream is housed in a surprisingly heavy, lavender colored recyclable glass jar but does unfortunately not come with a spoon or something similar to avoid contamination. I am obsessed with the consistency of this cream! It is super rich and thick, comparable to softened butter minus the greasiness, and dense enough that it could probably be cut with a knife. Surprisingly, it does not feel heavy on the skin. The natural aromatic fragrance is very light and disappears after the cream has been applied to the skin. Even though the product contains glycolic acid and papaya enzymes, it is extremely gentle and does not sting or burn the skin. The Brightening Glycolic Night Cream feels more like a mask than a regular nighttime moisturizer and takes a while to absorb, but eventually absorbs into the skin completely, without leaving behind any unwanted residue. If you are looking for a cream to transform dry and dull skin into radiant skin overnight, this is the product for you!
Great product
This right here is one of my favorite product this company makes amazing skincare products I just wish it was so expensive but, with that being said their products are of the highest quality so it's worth the money. This night cream is like a little miracle in a jar this product make my face looks amazing.
Pretty good!
Caudalie is one of my favorite skincare brands. They have good, clean products and they stand for a good cause. This cream is pretty thick and makes my combination skin feel slick and oily, however being that it's an overnight cream it's not that bad. It definitely brightens my skin well. I also use it in conjunction with the other Vinoperfect products which are all amazing!
So good!
I absolutely love this night cream by Caudalie. I've been using it nightly for about a month now, and my skin is already so much brighter and radiant. It works the way it is advertised to work and it smells absolutely divine. The scent is clean and fresh and makes the experience a great one. Highly recommend
Wow! wow! wow! I am so loving this Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Night Cream. This brightening glycolic night cream sloughs away dead cells naturally to reveal less dull skin. Before bed, you can smother your skin with this thick cream, which works overnight to exfoliate the surface and reveal the fresh, healthy skin underneath. Glycolic night cream eliminates congestion and smooths bumpy, textured skin, too, to nurture, calm, and protect your new skin on the face and neck. Its for all skin types

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