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Great product
This is a really great brand. I use their products for myself, and my children. Keeps them clean and smelling great.
I liked this product because it deeply moisturizes my baby's skin and keeps it moist over time for a while.
Say goodbye to dry skin
My baby had really bad eczema when she was first born, and the doctors recommended tonuse CeraVe on her delicate skin. From one day to the next it was like she was a new baby ! Her skin had cleared up, and no more dry patches ! We LOVE CeraVe !
Great for children with eczema!
I found CeraVe Baby after searching for a product to use on my sons skin for his eczema. This product is paraben free, sulfate free and tear free! His dry skin has improved so much since using CeraVe. The product is easy to dispense with the pump dispenser, and also easy to lock the pump when you are finished. CeraVe suds up on a washcloth and even when I apply the body wash by hand. I feel better about his baths and this product is definitely worth the money.
Had some facial surgery and needed a gentle wash. This product surpasses my expectations and hydrates better than my creams
my sister give me gift this cerave baby wash and shampoo so I try it its okay.
CeraVE products are amazing. Worth the price. Baby has such sensitive skin and rashes stopped once we began using these products
I use this on my face and body! It does not break me out and does not contain any irritants. It is moderately moisturizing but is not heavy. If you are looking for a heavy, cream-like moisturizer, this doesn't have that texture. I purchased the "baby version" of the Cerave moisturizers because it does not contain parabens (too much controversy about parabens & too much incomplete research, so I decided to avoid when possible until more research is done on the subject). The only reason I docked one star is that most of the skin-benefitting ingredients (such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, etc.) are labeled after the preservative "Phenoxyethanol". Phenoxyethanol is only allowed in formulas with a concentration of 1%-2% (and no more). Since ingredients in products are listed in descending order from highest concentration to lowest, most of the skin-benefitting ingredients are present in concentrations lower than 1%-2%. The picture of the ingredients is inaccurate, as it doe
This wash is good on babies sensitive skin, but lacking in the fragrance department. Really no smell to the wash and lotion, cant even tell I used it. This is a good product for those who are bothered by strong scents left by washes and lotions.
Great for babies with eczema, it's very gentle and soothing for dry skin.
Helps with my baby's dry skin. Good ingredients and lasts a long time.
CeraVe Baby wasn't my favorite and the price is a little steep!! I used the bottle I had~ but never purchased it again!!
it is very good and it was kind of costly but it works and easy to use and i liked
ThIs is some really good baby wash it is great for when your baby has dry skin and or diaper rashes all the time if you use it daily it will help prevent rashes I use it on my daughter a lot cause she get rashes and really dry chaped skin and she don't hardly ever get them as long as I keep using it. Great stuff
I use this as a hand wash for my toddler because she has hand eczema, and it's great at minimizing her symptoms.

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