4.3 5 0 12 12 CeraVe Eczema Creamy Oil has been repackaged with a new design. The product is formulated for extra dry, itchy skin and contains three ceramides and safflower oil to moisturize eczema-prone skin. This lightweight product is developed with dermatologists, claimed to lock in moisture and help restore the protective skin barrier. It is also said to be gentle on skin, non-drying, contains no fragrance to avoid fragrance irritation, and retails in an 8-fl. oz. pack, featuring the National Eczema Association logo and directions for use.
CeraVe Eczema Creamy Oil
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Cerave Eczema Creamy Oil Review
I was a little sceptical using a oil at first but I tried this product and after rubbing it onto my affected eczema areas it goes on very smooth. After using it for several weeks Cerave Eczema Creamy Oil left my skin feeling very soft and subtle. It really improved my eczema condition. I love this product!!!
My son has severe eczema this helps him keep moisturizers after a shower, I like that is thick and creamy oil based because helps his skin feel soft and penetrates.
Not really
Do you ever have a skin problem that you keep trying to soothe. Well this never works for that. Maybe mine is more harder to treat so it won’t work for me but it could work for someone else
Skin rejuvenation
This product is amazing. My son has eczema and because he is a boy he wont use lotion very often but as soon as his skin starts feeling rough , we put this cream on and it makes his skin feel very moist and rejuvenated. Love it!!
Very creamy
I love the way it felt on my arms and legs. My skin felt so soft.
Soothes itchy skin
My whole family has eczema and this lotion is great for everyone young & old. It's thick & starts out greasy but absorbs quickly. There is no smell or perfume to irritate your skin. It hydrates well. Maybe a little sticky but eventually absorbs and soothes dry, itchy skin.
For the first time?
It was very creamy when I first put a little bit on my fingers.Then I rubbed it with my other hand and put it all over my legs and arms it provided alot of hydration I was happy
I love this stuff. I use it on my nephew. I would highly recommend this. I liked how it helped his skin and kept him from scratching
One of the best
I have very sensitive skin, so I have to be very picky with it comes to lotions and moisturizers. Cerave is probably one of the best lotion brands that I've used. Its thick, but not greasy, ZERO scent (which I love), and lasts all day. Highly recommend as a cold-weather staple!
Its ok
This product is okay. I tried it on my daughters skin. It did clear up some spots somewhat. But we just couldn't get over the smell. It was very strong and chemically.
Great for eczema
This is one of the only over the counter creams that actually helped my eczema. It doesn't feel oily on my skin or give me any sort of reaction. I would definitely recommend this for people with eczema.
Works for skin but be warned of smell
I deal with skin issues on and off throughout the year, I usually always try to keep this on hand for when it starts to pop back up. It definitely helps soften the skin and prevent itching.... but it doesn’t smell the best and be prepared to slip in shower if you rinse it off like I tried
Confronto problemas en la piel pero no me permite calificar
I want to this right and to how it works on my skin and feet because I love trying out new things and it is my favorite thing to do
I love this brand!!!! It is very healthy for my skin

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