4.7 5 0 47 47 CeraVe Eczema Creamy Oil has been repackaged with a new design. The product is formulated for extra dry, itchy skin and contains three ceramides and safflower oil to moisturize eczema-prone skin. This lightweight product is developed with dermatologists, claimed to lock in moisture and help restore the protective skin barrier. It is also said to be gentle on skin, non-drying, contains no fragrance to avoid fragrance irritation, and retails in an 8-fl. oz. pack, featuring the National Eczema Association logo and directions for use.
CeraVe Eczema Creamy Oil
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I love this product especially in the winter time keeps my skin feeling so soft and moisturized with out the oily residue, and dry vary fast. I have recommended this product to all my friends and family
Blessing in a bottle
My son has severe eczema, and the only thing that works better than this is prescription strength from our doctor. It is a God send for my family
Best Cream for Eczema!!!
I use CeraVe for my grandson who has eczema. This is the best for helping keep his skin clear and free. I tried other types and this is by far the best! I would highly recommend!
SOS 🆘 LifeSaver
Red head with Eczema I itch crazy But this has provided relief every time
I use this during the summer when my skin gets bad and it works great.
My New Go To
Absolutely love this oil. I suffer with really dry feet and hands daily and causes me to loose sleep. Once finding this I just apply a small amount on my feet and hands at night before bed and I sleep like a baby.
Cerave eczema I used it to my fingers ,it helps a lot for the dry and itchy.
Highly recommend!
My boys suffer from eczema and I tried really hard to find a good moisturizer! This one by far, is the best!!! My kids don't have any dry or cracked skin and my boys are never ichy!!
Helps my eczema
I use the Cerave Eczema Cream on a regular basis. It really helps my eczema from getting put of control. It is gentle and soothing.
great moisturiser for eczema prone skin
cerave is a great brand. over the years i ahve used several products from cerave, i have dry and eczema prone skin and this really helps to retain moisture and keeps skin hydrated for a lon time
My daughter uses this and she loves the way it makes her irritated skin feel. She asks for it by name! Until her skin changes, this is our go-to product.
My first choice
My opinion of this product is extremely high. I suffer with horribly dry and itchy skin, however, since I've found this product I'm much more comfortable with not only shaking hands, I also no longer try to hide my hands while talking to people.
Cerave is my go to for any skin condition. If you have eczema you'll appreciate it. This one here locks in the moisture. I love the formula. The creamy oil is great. I cannot run out of this thing and you shouldn't either.
Love this!!
Love this product!! It works so, so well if you have exzema.
Must try this for skin protection
This is my go to moisturizing cream which is use everyday without a fail. It locks the moisture and keeps the skin smooth and protected. I have a little sensitive skin so this helps my skin to keep hydrated and soft

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